Charlotte Gunite/Shotcrete Pool recommendations

y2khardtopJanuary 24, 2012

So other threads bash Superior, but who is good? Pool by Design built my last pool 8 years ago, and it was a nightmare. Have they improved. Superior did some nice drawings for me, but "some" people really hate them, including friends of mine that are in the business. Pelican did a neighbors pool, nice but I know there were some issues. Falling Water did another friends, but they are ridiculously expensive.

I'm in Concord, open to suggestions.


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Please feel free to email me at to see if I can help you out.


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Charlotte has quite a few quality builders that have good reputations. Todd Pools, Artesian Pools, B&B Pools and Falling Waters are all good choices. When it comes to building pools, what may seem "ridiculously expensive" upfront usually turns out to be a better investment down the road.

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The pool industry as a whole has taken quite the beating over the past few years. The guy with the perceived lowest bid is almost never the best deal. The lowest bid is almost always as a result of corners being cut and financial distress. We've seen it time and again on this forum.


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I don't consider a pool an investment, so adding 30% to the cost upfront is not something I can even consider. I would never buy a pool based on price alone, but within a given price range it's hard to choose. So far everyone claims to be the best, and everyone points fingers at others.

I'll look into some of the above listed. Falling Waters would be a great option for us, as they are really close, but their previous quote was not within reason.

Again thanks

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oh, any contact info for B&B. Their website is "under construction"?????

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Paying 30% or more for a better quality product is a good investment for a lot of purchases. Its hard to throw a swimming pool away after you buy it.

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Who did you go with? I live in Charlotte and met with 3 builders, I really negotiated with a company that was referred to me by my neighbor. So far, we have had our ups and downs... they shot the concrete and are now ready to work on the outer plumbing... I am not ready to bash them yet, but I also can't say that I have a high level of satisfaction.... my neighbor said that they build a good pool, so we will see!

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MyFirstPool... why not tell us who is building your pool?
I would stay away from Anthony and Sylvan. Not enough supervision or pride in their work.

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