Calcium deposits

rimixJanuary 14, 2011


We are 7 weeks into building our pool and next week we are set for plaster, then we will be filling the pool. Exciting!

Our pool is built on slight grade, so we had to have a retaining wall. We have been getting a lot of rain lately and we noticed calcium deposits on the base of the retaining wall and spilling down to the tile around the edge of the pool (mind you, our pool is not filled yet). I asked our PB if it was normal and he said because we have been getting so much rain, the water table is high and therefore water is seeping through the retaining wall and tile and leaving the calcium deposits. I did a little research online and it seems like calcium build up from the pool water once the pool is filled is normal, but I'm trying to be sure there isn't something wrong with our pool.

Does this sound normal or is this something I should dispute with our PB before the end of the build?

Thanks so much!

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hello rimix,

Your PB is absolutely correct. What you are seeing is a white calcium hydroxide precipitate resulting from the reaction taking place in the cementitious products. The fact that it has rained alot bodes well for the structure as it cures. The more you wet the concrete, the more it reacts, the more calcium hydroxide precipitate you will see, the higher the PSI will be until fully cured. All swimming pool shells are leaky in the absence of waterproofing. Waterproofing does add cost to your project but the benefits may be worthwhile for many reasons and you should explore that with your builder. Now the issues with the tile are no different. The tile sits on a cementitious mortar bed and is surrounded by a cementitous grout all subject to the same reactions. Many homeowners have had concrete pools built without waterproofing and just manage the maintenance issues that present as a result of this reactivity which is beyond the pool builders control. You have decide what is tolerable and acceptable for yourself but I do not see anything here that indicates anything other than the fact that your PB is knowledgeable in his assessment.

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Thank you diypoolpro! I had no doubt that my PB was being straight with me, but I couldn't find anyone else having this issue, so it worried me a little. We are going to discuss waterproofing with our PB today when we meet about plaster colors. Here is a picture of the calcium deposits.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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