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krycek1984November 27, 2010

I was curious as to where your dogs are allowed and where they aren't.

We keep our dogs in the family room and kitchen. The dining room, parlor, and second floor are off limits unless we are supervising. They are house trained but for some reason our one beagle will slink off to a corner to pooh and our foxhound will squat in the middle of the carpet in the dining room to pee.

Definitely never the second floor, except our master bedroom where they sleep with us. The second floor is for the kitties.

They have ample room and we open up all of the first floor sometimes when we play so they can run.

What do you all do? Do your dogs have free run of the house? Or are they limited to certain areas of your house?

I would think it would be especially challenging in open floor plans to contain them!

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My guy has free run of the whole house, and it is open plan. I'm very fortunate that he is so trustworthy when it comes to house training. No matter where we are he comes and lets us know he has to go out. He either stares at us with a toy in his mouth, nudges me with his nose, or when he 'really' has to go he jumps in the air barking.

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My two Shih Tzus have free run of the house. The older one3 1/2 will sit at the door and wait to be let out but if I don't notice her she will let out a few short barks. The younger one 9 months just barks till I come to let her out.They have free run even when I'm not home.No problems.

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My 2 year old lab has free run of the house when we're home except for the guest room, which I try to keep dog-hair-free. He is crated when we are out for more than a quick errand. He is allowed on the leather couch in the TV room, and my son's bed, but no other furniture.

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my 3 danes have access to everywhere in the house except the guest room. i have an open floor plan also.

this is what they do pretty much all day...

when i first got bentley (all 3 are rescues), he had a bit of separation anxiety. he expressed this by saving me from eternal damnation by shredding one of my wild bird books (apparently, he thought it was evil!)'s the only time he's ever been naughty.

swee' pea needs a bigger bed...

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When I'm home I keep the living room and dining room closed because they don't need in there. The tv is in the bedroom so that's where we stay.

When I'm gone the bathroom is closed because they took 9 rolls of toilet paper outside via the dog door. The bedroom is closed because they took clothes outside. The kitchen counter is cleared because they take stuff outside.

It's hard to believe they are the joy of my life.

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Our 2 have mostly free run of the house. Except when we are going out the bedroom doors are closed. My female, Sasha, will sometimes jump up on my desk and search for papers to drag down and chew up. I think it is retaliation for leaving her home. She has been known to drag down a box of kleenex and pull them out one by one and shred them, but she'll only do this if we are not home.
Ninapearl, I enjoyed your pics. Your dogs are beautiful... and it's a good thing Bentley saved you from that "evil" book, lol. It's kinda like having a few 2 year old toddlers around, isn't it?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

House trained means they don't go in the house...unless they are sick. I don't think your dogs are house trained thoroughly.
We have a big house- 3 floors- and the dogs roam where they want and I completely trust them.
They will not chew, poop or pee in the house. If they ever do it is my fault because I didn't take them out or ignored their messages. If one is standing in front of the door, they need to go out!

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Well, then your dogs aren't house-trained, are they. Our dogs (many over the decades) have always had full run of the house when we were and weren't home. They could be trusted because that is what we expected of them. If you confine them to certain areas, that is their home and when they stray elsewhere, it is OK to them to do whatever they like --- they don't live there.

A dog should be part of your family -- are your children confined to certain areas because they might miss-behave?

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My dogs have the run of the first floor. I have a really old house with two steep staircases. The only time I'm upstairs is to sleep and clean. We live downstairs. I have a Dachshund so that is doublely important not to use stairs. Both dogs are completely housebroken, and never had any accidents in my house. (Wally Pooped twice in DD's house on Thanksgiving)..We have 1/2 fenced in acre and they have free run there except when it gets dark. One does but Wally is taken out on leash in case he spots some critter to chase. They are crated if we leave for an extended period and they love their crates with soft fluffy blankets.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

My two dogs only have run of the house if I'm only going to be gone three hours or less. That is because of of them is still a puppy. She will be 7 months on Wednesday. She stays in a playpen if I'm going to be gone longer than that. I also have the stairs to the upper floor blocked off by laying a gate on the steps. The cat's litter box is upstairs and I also feed the cat on the steps so the dogs can't reach it. That way kitty can have crunchie food all day. Rocket also has a litter box in the basement. Fred never goes down the basement steps and so far Carmelita hasn't gone down either. There are toys strewn all over the floors in every room. Good thing that kind of thing doesn't bother me. I'm glad they enjoy themselves. They go for regular walks for pottying and the puppy gets extra outings. She is starting to reliably tell me when she needs to go out. It's a process.

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We rescued our Shih Tzu a year ago and he has gained access to the whole house. Mostly, he only stays where we are though. At first he had regular poop accidents on the rugs, but we've gotten him house trained and it's rare for him to poop anywhere. Thankfully he only peed in the house twice in the early days (was very quick to pick up peepee is for outside). Now, he's not so reliable at my MIL's house so he gets crated or put in the sunroom (only if we can't watch him constantly).

Anyway, I would not let my dog have free run of my house until he understands not to pee or poop in it. Sure, let them spend time in the house while being watched, but it makes no sense to turn your back and have them pee and poop on your carpet (if you have wood underneath that carpet it can be ruined). You have to take them out alot and praise alot for going outside. They should not have a chance to be full enough to go inside. When we're gone from home, I always put him in the bathroom. While he doesn't chew on things except for the occasional crayon and his toys, I don't want to risk it. I would be so mortified if he was inspired to chew on something and got hurt. At least I know he has plenty of room in the bathroom and can't get into anything.

AND, dogs are not people. While they are members of the family (I think mine is my third child), it's ok to set boundaries. YES, I did and still do set boundaries for my children in our home. Might be why my rugs are spot free, the walls are clean and my upholstery is intact. For instance, the kids have no reason to play in the guestroom. They can go in there to look out the window, and sometimes I let them sleep in there, but there are limits even my people babies can't cross. No, I don't keep my house a museum by any means. I homeschool my kids and we live fully in our house, but even so it still must be a respected space. Sorry for the mini rant, but the earlier comment inspired me : ) .

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When we had our lab mix, she had free run of the house whether we were here or not. That was not the case when she was young though. She was quite the chewer, so until she outgrew her puppy phase, she was confined to a large kitchen/dining area if we weren't around to supervise.

Ninapearl, I always love your pictures! When I was remiss about giving my old girl enough attention, she would find and destroy a book- never anything but a book. It only happened a handful of times, but I saw her book chewing as my shortcoming! I know that's not the same story as with Bentley, but that wonderful picture reminds me of my Abby :)

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Yes, ninapearl, I wanted to say too how much I enjoy seeing the big dogs. They always look so contented with life!!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I do agree that he shouldn't have free rein of the house until he learns the proper behavior. Now, if only I could get my husband as mannerly as my dogs. And he won't stay in the kitchen!
Eating and drinking on the sofa while laying down is not my idea of proper behavior!

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Well what am I supposed to do?

He's fine in our bedroom at night. He's fine down here in the family room and kitchen with us. He's usually fine when he gets to be in the parlor and dining room. But he has a bad habit of forming collections of poop in corners or behind furniture, given enough time.

I don't get it. It aggravates me. The other dogs are fine.

I am planning on starting to let them have free run of the downstairs soon, we'll see if it works.

We are careful to let him out, and they all have very set routines insofar as poohing goes...he goes twice a day. If he needs to go more, he asks.

Who knows.

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Krycek, I realize this question is about your dogs.. BUT... how about your kitties??
Carmen grower writes:
"A dog should be part of your family -- are your children confined to certain areas because they might miss-behave?"
I totally agree, BUT true for the cats, too!
The second floor is for the kitties.
I am surprised no one raised the issue... Have the cats chosen to live upstairs only? because they are afraid to come down? They miss out so much of the "family" life.. and you miss out so much of the interaction!! I can't imagine!

Anne-Marie and her 5 cats

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Oh, no no n o!

The cats can go wherever they want!!!!!!!

The second floor is just their "sanctuary" and "home base". Their food dishes, litterboxes, and most play toys, crinkle tubes, and cubes are up there in the two spare bedrooms. They can go anywhere they want other than the basement!

The gate separating the dining room from the family room has a small hole in it so the cats can come and go from where we usually are as they please without having to jump over the gate.

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Oh, good good good, then! sorry I misunderstood the situation about the 'second floor kitties'!! Thanks for clearing this,

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