It is hard to say goodbye

cookie8November 8, 2011

I had to I thought I was ready to put down my best friend last week. I knew it was time and scheduled the appointment for Friday and then Wednesday night she just crashed so we did it Thursday morning as she was still trying to keep up following every move I made to be with me. It was so hard but we were ready. We did bury her at the back of our property and I will make it nice in the spring. Funny thing was during the day, I swear I heard her whimper to come in. later in the day, I thought I heard her bark so I just opened the door and gave a "come on in Sheba" and went up to bed and it was like I heard her sigh like she always does at bedtime and that's it. No more phantom sounds. I feel so relieved for her. It's hard, so hard but there is so much comfort in knowing she lived long and well. We are also jumping on another dog. We love our dogs and dogs need homes but I still feel guilty.

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I know. I know. It is impossible to fill that hole in you they leave.

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Sorry for your loss ... Don't feel guilty! It's OK ... I can't stand the quiet in the house when I have lost a dog, even though I've always had another dog ... they mourn too. Before a month has gone by, I usually have adopted another dog or started the search.

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It's awful to say goodbye to a pet but if they're suffering it's worse to let them continue to suffer.

You did the right thing, but I know how hard it is.

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So very hard. I'm sorry for your loss.

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I'm so sorry Cookie8, but know that Sheba is still there watching over you. Big hugs to you.

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We did end up getting another dog yesterday and she fits in perfectly and is sweet. We were outside and a neighbour came to see her and asked about Sheba and I had to tell her she died and I still felt like crying. I am glad this new dog isn't replacing her afterall - which was what I was afraid of. When I reflect back on her it's on the prime of her life and not the last few months when she aged so quickly. I hope to post a pic of our new girl who isn't named yet - we have Winnie, Pepper and Clover and can't decide. Having a dog is the best, unless you're a cat, specifically our cat! Hope it gets better soon for him.

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I am so sorry for your loss cookie8...we just lost our Sadie on Oct 28th, so I am there with you in the loss and adjustment...they leave such huge pawprints on our hearts.
It is a nice distraction to be looking (and lucky you, found) for another furbaby.
Our Tasha (dog) has had a really hard time as she and Sadie were BFF. We are looking too,but Tasha has not met who she wants yet.
I look forward to seeing your new baby. Please keep us posted!

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Sorry about your loss. That would be difficult to watch the other pet miss her too. Our cat didn't notice Sheba being gone.

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