cast iron sink installation help

ablochSeptember 23, 2010

I recently purchased the 4 ft Brockway sink by Kohler (see link below for picture)

My contractor is saying that he doesn't believe this sink can be installed in the bathroom due to it's weight. Can anyone give me some advice on how to install it safely? I already have the fittings in place for the plumbing and don't believe it can be returned anymore.

I contacted Kohler and they were only able to direct me to their spec sheet for installation of the hangers that come with the sink.

Does anyone have any further advice?


Here is a link that might be useful: Brockway sink

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Well, it seems to me that it will need to be directly mounted to the studs in the wall.

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The chances that the holes in the mounting bracket are going to line up with your studs in such a way that it positions the sink exactly where you want it is pretty slim.

We had a much smaller wall-mounted cast iron sink in the house I am remodeling. Additional blocking was added between the studs at the appropriate level and supported with jack studs (not just nailed to the existing studs). Unless you are incredibly lucky, you'll probably have to open the wall up and add to the framing so that you have something solid to screw into in the exact location you need.

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