Move Washer / Dryer in to garage? PICS

eldemilaSeptember 29, 2009

Have a contract on this house, not enough kitchen cabinet space for me and wanted to know how much of a pain and how big of a cost moving the w/d in to the garage may be. The closet it's in would make an AWESOME large pantry. There's a tiny little bitty closet (seen in second picture) right next to it I'd love to make as one!

It's located in the kitchen, then there's a hall and across and over is my garage. Who does one call to find out how the drain line is going, and if you find it's under the garage, what would be the next step. Does it matter in knowing it's on a septic tank? There is a crawl space if that makes any difference.

If you've done something similar, if you don't mind me asking, what was involved and what did it end up costing?


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Not going to matter that it is on Septic.

Looks like your dryer is electric??

To find out how much this would be, you would need to call in a General Contractor. Have a few people come on out, talk to them, and take bids...

Your going to have to run new electrical for the dryer, and new drain lines for the washer. Plus new supply lines for the washer. But your hot water heater, etc. might already be in your garage (shortens the new run length.)

But this is going to be involved; and I don't see how your going to get a fair and reliable estimate of time involved and expense involved - without having some trades people come on out...

If your willing to read, and your husband is handy - this is something that you could probably do yourself - if you do it slow and take your time.

If you get into the crawl space, you can determine some info on the drain line... (where it goes - if it is in the crawl space... and where it is totally NOT - if no portion of it - is in the crawl space...)

A plumber can route a camera, and signal equipment; and tell you the route and depth of the drain... The city might also have the permitted plans on your house... ALSO - most septic have an 'AS BUILT' which can give you some info... (Like where the drain enters the septic...)

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Thanks for the reply. I see I have a lot to read up on to learn more about what you said.

I have the home inspector coming tomorrow and he'll be in the crawlspace and will ask him if he can see the drainline, though I'm not sure if the CS goes that far under the house - house is higher in back than the front.

Yes, the dryer is electric

The hot water heater is under the house, in the crawlspace (seems like that's how they do things there)

Hubby is NOT mechanically inclined, not gonna happen, will definitely have to have someone else do this. I just wasn't sure who to call out and who to call out first. Maybe I'll try a plumber first.

Thanks again, really appreciate the reply. May cross post this over in the laundry room forum.

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You'll need a contractor since more than one trade will be involved: electrician to install the power, plumber to move the pipes and drain, carpenter to do the pantry, etc.

And what's in that wall between the w/d and the 'closet'? Could all the water lines to the upstairs go through here? Is there a bathroom above this? Moving any pipes in that wall would be a problem.

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I see you're in Florida. Depending on where you are in Florida, do you ever get any freezing weather? Probably not, but just in case you'll need to consider how to protect your plumbing and the internal plumbing and pumps inside the washer.

We'll be jealously thinking about you in the winter!

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Weed, one story home.

Billy, in FL, but not for long, this house is in the Carolinas, so need to be jealous - and even if I was staying, no need for jealousy, just pity!

My Mom brought up a possibility, not sure if it's any easier or can even be considered. In the garage, one way is on the backside of the master bathroom - can the water lines be tapped in to that to make it easier to move the washer there????


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Yes - if one wall of the garage has the backside of the master bath - than those water lines would be a possibility.

This would also mean - that you would have some sort of drain line close by as well.

Course, you still have to have 120v access, plus 240v for the dryer.

And, as has been stated previous - the ONLY way to find out how much this is going to cost, and how doable it is - is to have some Contractors come on out and give Bids.

Sounds like your planning on purchasing this house, made an offer; and are now wondering if this remodel is going to cost to much... You should plan on living in this house the way it is. After you are living in it - if the bids are not too much money - than you can get the work done.

Previous suggested that with PROPER research (Which is NOT Garden Web) - & time invsstment - this is a job which you could do yourself. [Plumbing /Electrical /Framing Books] You stated not going to happen. So - your GOING to have contractor(s) do some work. Might as well quit wasting time, and get some out to give you bids. Wish you luck in your house purchase.

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