hose bib problems

lucky1_gardenerSeptember 19, 2010

We just had a plumber replace a leaking frost free outdoor faucet that was original to our house. He told us he used a commercial grade hose bib with a vacuum seal. When the hose is attached and the water first turned on water sprays out through the vacuum breaker until the seal is made (or at least that's what the plumber said about it). I've noticed today that when I turn off the faucet when a hose is attached that water sprays out all over through the vacuum seal getting the house and me fairly wet until the pressure is relieved. This happens with the hose sprayer open or closed. I've tried several different ways, but it seems that now matter what the wood house and me both get wet. Is this normal? Did he use the wrong kind of hose bib? It looks nothing like the frost free we replaced on our front faucet and we have no problems with spraying from it.


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Sounds like the Vacuum break internal to the Bib is not working correctly. Some water should come out not the amount you are stating. Call the plumber back and request a replacement to match the other one or another of the same.

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Thanks stash-hdy. I'm going to call him today and see what he says. It doesn't leak while the hose is on, it just sprays out for a few seconds as I'm turning it off. I just haven't seen one of these before. It seems like the water that comes out of the holes while the hose is being turned off is probably like a water pressure release. I just hate that the water that comes out will pool where the deck meets the house since we had problems with the last hose leaking there and causing some wood rot at the bottom of the siding.

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