Today was our Thanksgiving

HandyMacNovember 28, 2009

since one son and one DIL had to work Thursday.

One son/DIL were a bit late, she had rescued a stray yesterday---flea covered, matted badly enough to cause pain, and filthy. A Shih-Tzu mix.

Took her home, deflead her, trimmed off most of the matts(left face/tail ball---DIL is a professional dog groomer) and bathed her.

On the way in today, dog got excited and peed on the DIL in the car---so she had to go change clothes---and stop to buy a carrier.

Mandy---yeah, the rescue will become a family member---is an extremely well behaved girl, and house broken.

We introduced her to our two, the guard Max(used to be very dog aggressive and lately has become quite acceptive of visitors---and Molly, who views any new dog as a forever playmate. In less than an hour, all three were in the back yard, needing no supervision. Max simply ignores her(too bouncy for him) and Mandy was busting Molly's chops when Molly(three times bigger) was too intense.

Nice to see an overly aggressive dog calmed down, a formerly totally scared dog with more spunk, and a visitor all get along so well.

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Sounds like everyone had a 'Thankful' day and Mandy is one lucky dog!

We often celebrate holidays either before or after the designated day. As my DH once said, every day is special so it really doesn't matter when one chooses to celebrate.

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