Mind Is Going!!

susie53_gwApril 9, 2013

The other day I went to our money mover to withdraw some money. I could not remember my number for the life of me. My mind just went blank. Now mind you, I have had the same number forever. I guess it is time to jot it down and keep it in my car. These golden years sure aren't fun sometimes.

Have a great day everyone.


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lol...i swear i double check stuff before going anywhere...

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Isn't that the pits? I usually have a good memory for numbers if I can use a key pad; my fingers remember the numbers even when my brain doesn't. I try to always input phone numbers rather than using speed dial to help me remember them.

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Yeah, it's a little scary, isn't it? Can I ask what a money mover is?

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That has happened to me. And it really is embarrassing when someone asks me my phone number or address and I can't remember.

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Income Tax time is such fun. I needed to access some statements on an account that had changed format after February 2012. I couldn't remember the password for it -- after only a year! While I waited for the company to respond to my request for help...I remembered the password. I'm having the same problem with Jeopardy questions: I sometimes know the answer, but can't 'retrieve' it from my brain *fast* enough.

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You're not alone - I have had the SAME garage door combination for nearly 5 years - one day, I was outdoors and needed to open the garage door - couldn't recall the number from my brain. When I FINALLY remembered it, I wrote in in an obscure place so I wouldn't be in that pickle again!!! Yes - it sucks, forgetting things!!!

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I've lived in the same house for 39 years. The other day I could not for the life of me remember the name of the street that is one over. Sheesh.

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Thank goodness I'm not alone!! Sometimes someone will ask me a question that I absolutely know and I have to wait a minute for the answer to bubble up. I hate looking stupid but anymore I tell them just wait a minute as I'm having a "senior moment"

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Wait! You have a mind?

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mine is long gone.

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It will be alright.Get the patch,get a pad get in the slow lane,let them pass you.Go home before dark these are your golden years.After this it"all over.

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I'm a member of this club. I try to justify it with it had been an exceptionally busy week where I felt I was being pulled in every direction, but several months ago I zipped into the ATM facility across the street from my bank, got locked out of my account after trying to put in my cell phone number instead of my pin about 3 consecutive times :(

I had to circle the block, park, go into the bank and explain to a couple of very skeptical looking staff. Yes, I had an account there, for many years, yes, I was who I said I was, and yes, I really did know my pin number but had been drawing a blank. I may have imagined they tried to sniff for alcohol :) I got my cash eventually....

It may be contageous. In the middle of a basketball game a couple of nights ago I asked DH to call and give his sister a message for me. He picked up the TV remote and punched in her number. He didn't reach her, and didn't improve his station setting either .

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The Golden Years? I've learned that mine are brass plated!

Just a couple days ago I had to order a refill for my eye drops. I dialed and listened to all the English version, then the Spanish, then the list of IFS and finally got the place where I put in the RX #, followed by the last 4 digits of my phone number, only to be told that that number was incorrect. Did it again; same thing. And again. I actually got out the phone book and looked up my number. That wasn't the problem.

Looked at the bottle again. Problem was I had read the RX#, ending with a zero, with a / through it, as an 8.

Well, after all, it was my eye drops RX.


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Morz8 and Sue-va, you have me laughing out loud.

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morz8, that is too funny about your DH!! I have picked up the remote too in my haste to make a phone call! :)

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I'm laughing too. (you HAVE to!) I have more than once, picked up the remote to dial the phone. I laugh each time.
That's a dirty trick to make them so similar!

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Same here with the remote. Today I was on the phone with my DD and I had to go to the bathroom. I told her to hang on a second. I came back out and forgot I was talking to her. All at once I remembered and I picked up the phone and it was dead. Right after that she called me back and asked me what was going on. I told her and we had a good laugh about it. On easter I was trying to call my SIL and I dialed the number and it told me TO DIAL THIS NUMBER YOU MUST DIAL THE NUMBER AND HANG UP AND PICK UP THE PHONE BEFORE IT IS DONE RINGING. I was at my DB and I thought what was going on, I had never heard this message before. So I tried it and I thought how am I going to know when it will be done ringing. I think I tried it 3 times and I couldn't get it to work for me. I finally figured out that I was dialing DBs number. Boy did I feel stupid.

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I just spent an hour wondering who had ordered what from HSN and it showed up as a charge with my debit card! Dang, now I would have to call HSN, go to the bank and change my account...........then bingo!
I forgot, bought a T.E.N.S. unit last month from HSN and paid for it in 2 payments, this was the second payment.

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Walking out of the office tonight talking to my DH on my cell, the thought went thru my mind, "did I leave my phone on my desk again?". Yes, that phone that I had to my ear talking to DH. Kinda like lookIng for you classes when they're right there on your face. I do this too.

I do leave my phone buried on my desk often -- sometimes the easiest way to dig it out is to pick up my desk phone and call my cell. Then I can follow the ring., unless I had been in court that day and forgot to turn the ringer back on,

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Gosh Ladies, I am thrilled all of you belong to my club!! Life gets more interesting every day. I'm just happy I'm here to enjoy it.

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Some of this has been going on for a long time with me. I remember searching the house for my car keys one evening. I needed to meet DH's commuter train. Out of tme, I finally resorted to using the spare set.

When I started to make dinner that night...there were my keys...in the refrigerator. I'd been to the grocery that morning and had put the keys down in the fridge while juggling to make space for the milk.

This was better than *some* things that have gone missing right inside our house and have NEVER been found.

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Three thing are missing from my kitchen and two have never been found. I have a special LLbean cap I wear when walking in night time walks in the summer so my hair doesn't frizz out. Took it off in the kitchen and have never seen it again. Since it's summer I never wear it except for this, Second was a pair of handknit gloves from a friend. They are half gloves I put inside my mittens, and one was lost and always they're in the kitchen. That one I found in the dogs coats. BUT, the one which has me bonkers is a tube of lipstick which i carried in my sweater pocket Sat night and remember taking it out and laying it some where, but where? I have looked for four days and it's just not there. This is happening all the time now.

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At least my mind will have good company, 'cause it's going, too.

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caroline -- Too bad we'll never be able to remember where our minds should meet up! LOL

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How about this one, I and three friends were in my van heading for a day out when I pulled in to Dunkin Donut drive in to order coffee for all of us (seniors) Each person told me their specific order and I repeated it etc but the person inside never answered.
I finally said, in frustration, "what is wrong that no one answered my order request" to which my sister, who was sitting next to me, says with a straight face. "Probably because you were taking at the trash container". I looked and yep two feet away was the real speaker. hahha

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I'm right there with all of you. This forum ought to be a hoot in a few years!!

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Those events are scary! I have experienced the ATM Code Confusion Consternation. Not fun!

Temporarily forgetting a number seems really tame when you realize you have walked up to your mailbox and have pressed your security alarm's disarm-button.

A friend admitted trying her garage door opener at her mailbox.

In our defense, these are the street/block boxes, not the kind in front of the house.

Gotta love those senior moments!

Have we done a "Senior Moment" thread?

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Loved these...and glad to know I am not alone!

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One time I was awakened so I could take a sleeping pill.

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for the life of me, i can never remember my home phone number. it is really so embarrassing, that i have considered having it tattooed on my hand. lol :)

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I can't keep my passwords straight. Ebay,email, Gardenweb, banks, credit cards, etc.

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When I leave my name, from another gathering, on my coat, and someone calls attention to it, I say that I should re-attach it - upside down, so that when I forget who I am, I can just look down to check.

Have received some approving comments from seniors ...

... Iva Mae not included ...

... (so far as I can recall).

o j

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Well mine must have completely shut down as I bought a big bunch of bananas this week and can not find them. They are on my receipt and Cheryl and I both remember them being in the trunk of her car. She carried all of my things in the house. She did not put anything away. I have yet to find them. They are not in her trunk of her car. If I start smelling them, then I may find them.


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I have been looking everywhere for my fishing and boating license, for 3 months. I have found everything I lost years ago but no licenses. Today I found them attached to the keys for the boat, in my boat.

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The boat post reminds me of when DS's FIL bought a house near Lake Michigan -- and a power boat too.

I know nothing about boats, but evidently he was so excited to take the family for the maiden voyage that he...forgot to insert a plug in the boat's bottom. They got safely back to shore before taking on too much water.

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Eating LornaDoones like crazy.Going back to all the good stuff

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