how to get a male dachson and pitbull to get along

coletuckerNovember 27, 2010

I just moved in an apartment with some friends of mine, I have a 3 year old male dachson/ terrier mix and he has a 1 1/2 year old pitbull. The dachson mix (tucker) is neutered the pitbull is not. When introduced to one another tucker began to growl and snap at the pitbull. We tried again later and the same thing happened, the pitbull is now growling and doing the same. These two have got to live together, we ate keeping them seperated now. But they didn't even try to greet one another tucker just immediatly started growling.. Does anyone know how we can resolve this problem? Please help!

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Is the Pit socialized and does he get along with other dogs of different breeds?

I would worry about the fact that he isn't neutered since it will just increase any dominance tendencies he may have.

Where did you introduce them? If they were introduced inside the apartment you need to start all over again with them meeting each other outside and away from the building.
Was the Pit living in the apartment before you arrived?

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The pit has been around other dogs and has been fine, and we introduced them outside the apartment. Neither one had been inside before.. We figured that would make them know the territory didn't belong to either.. Tucker was the one who intually started the groweling and snapping, the pit was very frendly acting.. Now the both act agressive

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From my experience I don't hold much hope unless you take Tucker to some kind of training classes. I had a scruffy little dog that was with us a year before we got a big boxer. Sam the little dog never showed mean traits until the boxer moved in. Both were neutered males. Every time Sam walked past the boxer he growled and attacked. We tried everything we knew to do but to no avail. The poor giant boxer would try to hide every where from the scrappy little Sam. We had these dogs 14 years and kept them apart with gates. 1/2 day one was allowed in front part of house then reversed them mid-day. It was crazy, but the only way was too keep them apart, apart, apart. We didn't know about behavior classes for dogs at that time, if we had they would have gone to some. Good Luck, treating bad dog behavior is much more advanced now.

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Ok thank u

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If your doxie mix is anything like my full bred one, they are scrappy little tyrants. Mine is as sweet as can be with people and cats and kids. We take him and his Boston mix brother who he gets along with to the doggie park.He is fine with all the small dogs but races up and snarls at the biggest dog there. Today there were no dogs in the little dog park and a few small and medium in the big dog one. We had never been over there. I asked if there were any aggressive dogs when I went in and they said no. I heard a snarling sound and of course the aggressive one was my 20 pound little Napoleon, barking at a pit bull . It doesn't help that the pit bull isn't neutered in your case.

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Yes even a dog neutered can be set off the the scent of another un-neutered male but I believe they can become friends. I would start walking them together. Start the walk with 2 separate handlers each in a different area walking to get the dog tired a bit. Then come together and start walking, with humans between them. They may try to get at each other but work on getting them to just move forward and concentrate on the walk. Walking them together as a pack forms a bond between them but they will still need strong human pack-leaders who are in control of the home otherwise they will feel the need to be the pack-leader themselves.

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Everyone in the apartment MUST be on board with correcting BOTH dogs when they start to growl. You have two males with stroong personalities, the best way to deal with this is to always have someone with them and to be alert to changing body language of either dog. The second one of them tightens up, of puts its ear forward or sticks its chest out, correct the behavior. Best thing to do is start leash walking them together at least a couple of times a day. When feeding them do it at the same time, with someone present at all times. The more you work on basic behaviors and are on top of correcting any aggrsssion, you should start seeing a change. The trick is to be consistent. If you dont trust the dogs, have them on leashes when they are around each other and keep them close by a person at all times. If you must go get some muzzles....good luck, you have alot of work to do.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

I agree with sweetchastity. You need to walk them together so they become a pack. The intact male is a problem, but your dog should be able to be good around any dog. I'm taking my dog to an obedience class right now and one of the dogs is a 1-1/2 year old intact mastiff. He is fine. Another dog is a 1-1/2 year old boxer mix who is fixed. He is the problem. He keeps trying to attack the mastiff. The instructor grabs him behind the ear (all the neck skin) to make him stop. The dog's owner is a young girl who isn't good with doing that. So far it's working. Maybe you could try an obedience class for your dog. It might help. Good luck.

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