suggestions needed for temp,, adjustable-length sink drain

liriodendronSeptember 6, 2010

I'm hoping for some suggestions about how to do this:

We're moving our kitchen sink and I want to use this opportunity to experiment with a variety of non-standard heights to make a better match between our sizes, the depth of the basin and optimal physical comfort during longish dishwashing sessions. (We're a sink-washing, not dishwasher-using family.)

My kitchen reno plans make it possible to eventually have the sink (and adjacent flat space) any height we like, but I want choose based on actual usage rather than guestimates or the "standard height" dimensions.

I have worked out a way in my head to support the sink (one of those ceramic apron sinks) in a way to allow raising and lowering as many times as necessary. And of course the water supply lines are no problem since I can just use slightly overlength flexible ones, but I'm stumped at how to connect the drain line in a way that allows flexibilty. The only way I can imagine is using a temporary section(s) of black rubbery pipe material (held on with worm clamps at both ends) that we cut, or install longer lengths, as we proceed with raising and lowering to try and hit the sweet spot. Since this has to happen over days to weeks, of course it also has to be a viable, working set-up to last that long. The under sink works would be entirely exposed during the trial period, so access would not be a prob. (Also for what it's worth, this is a DIY project so contractor, and permit/code, issues are not a factor at this stage.)

Can anyone make any other suggestions for this short-term, adjustable-length drain arrangement?

Thanks in advance!

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They have 1 1/4 inch drains at HD that are accordion like that enables you to increase/decrease length.

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Kitchen drains are 1 1/2". Set up your sink drain with a slip-fit type P trap, and an extra tailpiece between the P-trap and the vertical tailpiece connecting to the underside of the sink. You will only have a certain amount of vertical movement, but plastic ones are not expensive so you can buy an extra tailpiece and cut if needed.

The pic on this page has two extra tailpieces in line, but it illustrates the point:

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Oh, thank you .. two excellent suggestions to try! I really appreciate the help. I will try and take a pic with this wacky set-up in place - my husband has taken to referring to it as the Franken-drain. I'll be happy if this lets us test the sink height over a few days or weeks, and still allows satisfactory draining while doing the dishes during the tests.

Thanks again!


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