pig in a blanket!

NinapearlNovember 1, 2012

well, what were you expecting??

harley was a house pig and his little body needs to acclimate to the cooler temps. until it does, he needed a little help from mommy. :)

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Did you find that at Petsmart? LOL LOL LOL

He looks adorable.

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Good for you! I truly believe that pigs need to be outside, rooting around, mud bathing and doing the other piggy things they do to be truly happy.

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LOL! i found it at the farm & home store. i absolutely LOVE that place!! i went through all of the various doggy sweaters and coats and vests and found this at the bottom of the pile. i had measured harley because i was planning to buy him a regular piggy coat online but this one looked like it had possibilities. it has wide velcro closures around the neck and belly and it's much warmer than any of the piggy coats i have looked at.

ms, i have to agree with you 100%. from what i have learned over the past couple of years about pot bellied pigs, being confined to a house and let out only once in a while isn't so healthy. i have heard numerous stories of how they become destructive out of pure boredom. i don't mean just "getting in to things", i mean flat out destroying a place...eating holes in walls, tearing woodwork down, trashing furniture...anything within reach is fair game and will suffer the consequences of an unrequited pig. now, given the proper amount of exercise AND being allowed out to root to their heart's content, a pig can make a great house pet but that isn't always the case. plus, as in my lilly's case, a pig can very easily reach 100# and simply become too big to comfortably live inside. i remember when i brought her home and let her out of her traveling crate, the first thing she did was bury her snout in the sand and play bulldozer. i swear, she started rooting and didn't look back for over an hour!

i have been throwing a handful of pellets out in harley's little pen and he has been drunk with rooting enthusiasm! it's very cute to watch him and i can tell he's having a blast because all i hear is grunt, grunt, grunt. :)

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

I recognize that coat because my neighbor had one for his now departed schnauzer/poodle mix dog. LOL LOL LOL

Your pigs are pampered, that's for sure - especially the part about allowing them to be pigs and be outside.

I feel the same way about my horse. He is 24 now and out 24/7 and couldn't be happier. He has friends, food and the ability to roam around. Who wouldn't love that?

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aww, i love senior animals, especially dogs and horses. it's great that he can be out and about, it's SO much healthier!! i cringe when i hear of people keeping horses in heated barns all winter. it's no wonder they develop stall vices.

i have found out, through my own fault, that arnold is a teeny tiny bit jealous of harley. not his coat but the attention i give him. yesterday afternoon, after i fed the little guy, i was squatting down to hook the bottom of the panel shut that i am using for a gate. out of nowhere, arnold slammed into me at the speed of light. he almost knocked me over! if i could interpret his "grunt, hork, grunt, grunt, hork", i'm pretty sure he was saying "hey!! ME ME ME!!!" LOL

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Now that is a dandy piggy! Glad he's doing so well already. Great example of rescue at work for the good of the animal,

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Wow, Nina, I didn't know that pigs could be jealous!! Be careful out there. Guess you better do a better job of spreading your love around. :)

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OK, I have a jacket very much like Harley's, only mine has sleeves. He dresses better than I do. Handsome fellow, he is. As for jealousy and Arnold.....I can sure believe it. Piggies are so very intelligent, and it irritates me when people say animals don't have emotions. I've seen to many animals express them in my lifetime to ever doubt it.

'easily reach 100# and simply become too big to comfortably live inside' Ok, does that mean I should move outside? LOL

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I think QVC should carry those coats. Maybe Dennis Basso could make a line for piggies.

I just have a cat and she won't wear any clothes. Or antlers.

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hmmm, i wonder if harley would wear antlers. just for a Christmas picture, of course. :D

the little man graduated yesterday. he is now free to come and go as he pleases and is no longer confined in his little pen. i took the end panel off yesterday and he had quite a time turning over all of the million leaves looking for a cheerio that might have escaped the bag. i went out and checked on them last night and he was asleep in his barn, the other pigs were asleep in the other barn. one of these days, he will most likely figure out the snuggling factor and i'll find him piled up with the others. i left him loose last night, too, so instead of pacing up and down in his pen while i prepare breakfast, he will be able to come to the gate and grunt impatiently along with the others for breakfast this morning. :)

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I bought that same coat for my Annie, a senior wire-haired terrier mix at our RKO store (Rural King of Ohio). I liked it because it was decently waterproof. She has since passed on but I still have the coat hanging on "her" hook in the closet. Said I'd never have another dog but I guess in the back of my mind I'm keeping it "just in case". :)

Glad Harley is adjusting to his new home and family.

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Cute as can be! Hope you are well! (((

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