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Giuseppe2209January 26, 2014

I moved my pool pump and filter increasing the distance and now is not working as well.
When I got the house, the pool pump was on a awkward place and the pump had to pull the water from 28feet then push it back in the pool at 15feet. Now I moved the pump on the place I want it but the pump has to pull the water for 37feet and push it back 52 feet. The 3/4 hp pump seems to not been enough to move the water for all that distance and the filter case been so old when is a little dirty and increase the pressure is leaking from the side.
I have the suspicious that I have to change both pump and filter case but i need advice on the right one.

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Do you have any waterfalls or slides or any other water features?

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That is a extremely long way for a 3/4 horse motor with a water fall or not

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I disagree we have much longer runs that have 3/4hp pumps on them and we usually get about 60-70 gpm depending on the configuration of the system.

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