Kitchen design help!

MaversMarch 24, 2013


I'm looking for feedback and help on our kitchen design.

I have drawn a rough sketch of the shape we will be using for our kitchen (new build). Two squares on paper/foot. Dimensions written on outside are wall to wall measurements, and I have drawn in cabinets, window, sink (30") and the island that our designer put in. This opens to a large space with dining/living space.

We are open to reshaping the island, but definitely want a fair bit of overhang for sitting at the counter (we are a family of 5).

We don't want anything on the island countertop (no sink, no cooktop), but would be open to an undercounter appliance.

Needing specific help as to where to put appliances. We are thinking of putting a full depth fridge near the end of the left bank of cabinets (will sink it into the wall).

I would love to put in an induction cooktop and two wall ovens (ovens could be separated or stacked), as well as a dishwasher (either beside the sink or possibly in the island?). If that combo wouldn't work very efficiently, we could do a range instead.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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Now that you've drawn it, let us see it!

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I thought this was on the original post...Am trying again.

Thanks for letting me know!

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How married are you to that island shape? It looks kind of odd (sorry!) and seems unnecessary in such a large space.

Have a look at oldbat2be's large island in her thread linked below. You can ignore the sink in the island, but just look at it for shape and size. Works perfectly in her space and the squarish shape is more conducive to sitting and looking at each other rather than just curving down a row.

For appliances, I'm thinking fridge on the right, cooktop and ovens on the left. MW drawer in island, DW beside the sink. Personally I would choose a range with prep sink to the end of the perimeter, or cooktop/ovens with a prep sink in the island, but that's just personal preference as I would definitely want a second sink in a kitchen that big with 5 people.

Could you also play with eliminating the short 4' U wall altogether and going with an L, fridge near the end? You'd really only lose about 2 feet of usable cab run space that way since the corner isn't that functional anyway. And it would let you have better space for seating at the island, eliminating the pinch point.

Good luck with your new kitchen!

Here is a link that might be useful: oldbat2be's kitchen with large island & seating for 5

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I would want the fridge to be near the dining area / dining room or in another accessible point to those other than the cook. From you diagram, I don't know the layout of adjoining space. Can you add this?

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taggie - thanks for your ideas. I agree about the shape of the island and we just haven't focused there yet. Always felt that we'd get a KD to help us out. But I feel like so many people here have fantastic ideas that I'd love to get input from the 'experts' here before heading to just one person! I had just finished looking at the photos of your beautiful kitchen!!! You have so many awesome ideas in there too.

dilly_ny - I agree with having the fridge near the dining area. I will try to include our floor plan. Any other comments and ideas are welcome on the rest of the plan too! Thanks for reading

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I agree with suggestion above to stick to an L-shape for the perimeter and put in a larger island. The short side of the L could also be extended closer to the double doors and not have the angled cabinet at the end; they are not that useful a storage space. Think drawers! How many do you wish to seat at the island? All 5 of you or just the kids? For a kitchen of that size, I'd definitely think about adding a prep sink. I use mine every day.

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Mavers, I'm one of those who doesn't like my living room with a kitchen in it, so that's where I'm coming from. Out of left field. :) I'm also older, though, and know that what appeals and what is needed will both change to various degrees over the years. Also that some of the people posting their interim homes here it will end up living in them for decades. Life happens, so best try to cover that base.

A suggestion is that your kitchen not be quite so wide open to the living area but present a crisp simple counter line that hides a lot of clutter from those in the living area--the sort of look that can support greater elegance and/or simplicity when you want it. There are lots of examples on line and in magazines. Disguise the less attractive built-in elements, and plan good storage for everything, not just the stuff you don't keep on the counter these days--such as toaster and other small appliances. Room for knives in a drawer, etc. That way, no matter what look you want in future, your kitchen will be able to accommodate some version of it. Oh, and note how many of the main pictures of your favorite kitchens show the refrigerator It'll be almost none to none. There's a reason for that.

Also, when choosing cabinet design, etc., maybe design your favorite living room first, then make the kitchen look as if it belongs in there? Think of balancing the picture in all directions--light to light, dark to dark, mass and volume to the same, simplicity or complexity, etc. Balancing the mass/volume thing can be tricky because of all the cabinets massed together, hung high on the walls, etc.--especially if the cabinets contrast strongly with the walls everywhere else. How to balance?

Very worth keeping in mind is that kitchens start looking very cluttered any time anyone's working there, like every time you're there, so before making any decisions it'd be very good to draw in plenty of wholesome mess, and even the left-undone type, and make sure the real picture still looks charming. Design a real working kitchen, not a sterile empty one for a brochure. :) Simplifying the background elements can help if that side starts overwhelming the look of the entire room.

Have fun.

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Here is another sketch of an idea for my kitchen...any further feedback?

Not sure about corner ovens or about placement of the cooktop. I could also put the ovens right beside the fridge and/or the cooktop could go along the 'pantry' wall.

I'd love any input!

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