Sump pump choice

marknmtSeptember 25, 2012

I need to install a sump pump for intermittent use and so far am attracted by the following. These are all 1/3 hp pumps and any one of them should do the job, but I'm interested in durability and reliability. It needs to turn on automatically and so on.

The Liberty 250m series with a VMF switch;

Zoerller BN53 Variable Level Float switch;

Little Giant 6 cia

Red flags, definite pluses, professional and personal experiences eagerly sought. Random advice regarding switches and hard water (which is a factor here) definitely appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

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go to and get the Storm Pro BA33M. it is an awesome pump with a great switch. the Zoeller is good to. I have both in my sump. I prefer the Storm Pro because it is smaller, stainless steel, quieter, and more effeicient -- which means it will run off my battery powered UPS longer than the Zoeller will.

my sump gets water softener discharge (heavy salts) and I put a toilet bleach tablet in it to keep it from sliming over (from the humidifier discharge I think). these harsh conditions have had no effect on the Storm Pro. The Zoeller is starting to rust pretty bad although it's built like a tank so I imagine it'll keeping going for many many years.

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