my dogs... really smiling?

vieja_gwNovember 8, 2010

I have always had dogs most of my life but the current ones have learned something new: to 'smile'! First one of the three Min-Pins would curl up his upper lip & smile- showing a bit of his white upper teeth- when I would praise him for something or even scold him for something. Soon the other two Min-Pins are now doing the same thing! Now the other day the German Shepherd did the same when I went out in the morning to say 'hello' to her! Is this really a smile as we humans whould know it or something else? Definately not a sign of aggression as these dogs can show that also to each other at times over a chew toy & that is not a smile then!

Just curious if others have seen the same in their dogs?

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Mine don't. My sister had a Dal that would when she was happy and excited.

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Dogs smile...some it is more obvious with. Absolutely

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Hubby thinks I am imagining it but thank you both for validating me!

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I've heard naysayers, but I think they most certainly can too and mean it as we do. I had one who did it so regularly we named him Snickers. Then my Mama had a huge St. Bernard cross who smiled on command. I'd call her up and tell her to put the dog on the phone and say 'Snicker!" and she'd roll up her lips on cue.

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One episode of Dogtown they got a cd of dogs laughing to play for an extremely anxious dog. It sounded like a short breath out, lol. I want a cd now!

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I actually found it. Is this the one you meant?

Here is a link that might be useful: laughing dogs CD

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Oh,yes, mine does, too and I was glad to read this message;At first i wondered if it meant aggressivity,but it always occurs when we meet in the morning or when I' m back home after a while.So at happy moments !I must add,It 's an intenational behaviour, and not at all related to education,as my dog is a young Border Collie living in France!( I' m French)

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Thanks for your experience like mine, casamance! Mine also 'smile' when I catch them doing something bad... like getting in to my flower garden, or on a couch that is a 'no-no' as well when they are SO happy! The German Shepherd now has learned this from our three Min-Pins but I must say it looks rather un-nerving that 'smile' on a German Shepherd ... but it really is a smile on her also ... not a snarl or growl! :)

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