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lameduckpoccSeptember 3, 2010

I am in the planning stages of plumbing a 2200 sq. ft. single story home. Home has kit., utilty with sink, 2 baths, 4 hose bibs. Will be using flowguard gold cpvc. Will 3/4" for the supply lines @ 1/2" for the branch lines be ok for volume and pressure? Thanks

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Can't say without knowing the :

1. street pressure

2.the developed length of the pipe from the street to the farthest fixture.

3. Total number of all fixtures in house. (What? No laundry? How many sinks in baths?How many shower heads in showers?)

4. Plans for any future development like lawn sprinklers, baths, fire-sprinkler systems, etc...

Please provide.

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THANKS FOR THE REPLY MANHATTEN42: Water supply from well app. 300',1 1/4" line. good volume and pressure. If needed I will install tank at house for correct pressure.

From the 1 1/4" line or new tank I was going to reduce to 3/4"(30') to hotwater heater.

Fixtures: 1 sink each in kitchen and laundry. Mb rm 1 toilet,2 lav.,1 tub no shower. Guest br. 2 lav.,1 toilet, 1 tub 1 shower. Outside 4 hose bibs. Thanks again

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I came up with 22.2 water supply fixture units for the current load on the system.

Presuming a 50psi water pressure at the pump, and a 60 ft maximum developed length of pipe to the furthest fixture, the Tables from the IRC/IPC require a minimum of a 3/4" to 1" distribution pipe branches to all fixture groups with 1/2" pipe to individual fixtures.

Other codes or methods of determining the load may vary.

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manhattan42 THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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