Hot Water Heater problems

muddy_waterSeptember 22, 2011

Well the other day the water was scalding hot on my electric heater.So I replaced the upper and lower stats thinking that was the problem. But this morning it was still scalding hot So I replaced the upper and lower heating elements ( the lower one was bad) But now the water is still very hot I have it set on 130 upper and 140 lower if that helps,,,Anybody have any other Ideas? I'm leaveing tomorrow afternoon for Deer camp and I need to have this fixed before someone takes their skin off...

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Set both at the same temperature. That may not help the perception of too hot. 140 is really very hot.

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Code limit is 120 on both t/stats

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But don't I need 130 for the dishwasher?

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For residential application Code max is 120 and no appliance may require a higher temp unless it has its own heater.

DW have a heater.

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