Should I put a 9" cabinet in this corner?

frontMarch 19, 2014

I'm referring to the corner next to the refrigerator. Currently, I have it as a 12 three drawer and then a 33"x33" corner easy reach. The corner will be where I put all of my tall bottles of oil, vinegar, etc. (I shop at warehouse clubs sometimes). I'm not sure that a 12 in cabinet is necessary, since I have a 15" on one side of the range. What are your opinions on 12" all drawer cabinets?

I am thinking about putting in a 9" full door cabinet and then going with an asymmetrical corner (36x33). This will give me more room in the corner cabinet. The 9" cabinet will be used to store baking sheets, cutting boards, etc. What do you think?

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I have a 9" full door for baking cutting boards and trays and it works well for my needs. I think if I had more options I may have done something different, but it actually serves me well as is.

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I also have a 9" full door cabinet that stores almost all my flat baking sheets and cutting board. It works well for our needs.

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I also have a 9" lower for large trays, etc. that works well for me.

I also have two 9" floor to ceiling cabinets. One has a pullout in the large lower section that I really like for pantry items and the other is more in the laundry area and holds a broom closet in the lower section and the AC filters in the top portion.

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I was happy to get rid of my 12" base cabinet. It had a shelf, so stuff was divided top and bottom. But I found that things got hung up on each other or migrated to the back of the 24" cabinet. But it's better than a 12" drawer yada yada yada.

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I also have a 9 inch full door, works well for cutting boards, trays, etc. I wish someone made a shelf for the top portion though, wasted space that could be used for foil, wrap, parchment paper, wax paper, etc. I guess I am just going to have my husband rig something up for me.

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Add my vote to 9" door over 12" drawers (I had those, they were pretty worthless). My 9" base cab contains cookie sheets, pizza stones, and cutting boards.

My 9" has a drawer above, which is also mostly useless (though I did find a use for mine). I wish I had thought of a shelf behind the door instead.

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Thank you

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You're spot on regarding the other benefit of the 9" cabinet. The exposed opening on the asymmetrical 36x33 EZ reach corner lends to far more accessibility over the standard 33x33.

HTH, tmy

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In my 9" cabinet, I have my cutting boards, trays, pizza pans. I put a "divider" behind them, (shortening the depth by 3") so I wasn't fishing for something that had fallen to the back.I moved the shelf up to 15" from the cabinet floor (instead of the standard 12") and it holds my oils and vinegars.

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Thank you everyone for letting me know that you love your 9" cabinet!

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Fishy - I like the idea of a shelf up top. If you do rig something please post. I'd be interested to see how and what you do. Thx.

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