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Bewitchednbeyond2003November 11, 2011

On monday the vet is coming to my home to put my little girl to sleep, Her name is Molly, she is an 11 yr old Cavapoo. Since first being told she had Kidney trouble 2 yrs ago its been a voyage of emotions, She is very loved and an important member of our family, I know its her time to go, I myself made the decision because I can't stand to see her so thin and in pain, but why do I feel like I am betraying her? outwardly I am calm and dealing with the situation, inside Im breaking apart, my hearts going to explode, how do I cope with the lonely times ahead? I love her and will miss her so very much.

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It is the worst thing about the best part of our lives. You are not betraying her, merely helping her to go peacefully.

I wish you strength and peace during this most difficult time.


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Will be thinking of you.

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It's very hard to do what you're planning, but in the end, remember she won't suffer any more. There's nothing worse that seeing your loved pet suffer, and it's a sad responsibility we as pet owners have.

It's nice that your vet will come to your home, will be a lot calmer for Molly. Try to be strong for her until it's over, then you can fall apart, so she doesn't pick up your emotions.

You aren't betraying her! ((((bewithcednbeyond and Molly)))

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i'm so sorry to read you will be losing molly. this is such a hard decision to make but in the end, we must lay our pets to rest with dignity. i commend you for seeing that it is time to send molly over the bridge.

each time i have done this, i have made a special day happen. i take my pet with me everywhere i go, we go to favorite places, just the 2 of us. we walk through the woods for some quiet time, go through the drive up window for a cheeseburger, just spend the day together making memories.

on the day i take my pet in or in some cases, have my vet come to the farm, i choose a special treat, one i know my pet would love but has always been forbidden to have. usually, it's a hershey bar. when i know the time is near, we go outside and sit under a shade tree or out in the sunshine and we share a hershey bar. i get one little square, my dog gets the rest. it seems to help me come to terms with it all.

maybe you could make a special day for just you and molly to spend together this weekend. it can be a celebration of her life. and on monday, hold her close to you and let the love in your eyes be the last thing she sees and your soothing voice be the last thing she hears as you ease her pain.

(((hugs))) i am so, so sorry.

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My baby girl passed away wrapped in my arms against my heart, it was the hardest thing Ive ever done, The pain I feel right now is way beyond anything Ive ever experienced before but at least my Molly isn't in pain anymore, I still see her out of the corner of my eye, I still catch the scent of her shampoo from time to time, I can't move anything that belongs to her yet, her blankets, water etc, not until she comes home, I picked a lovely little box with a pink flower on and her photo on the top, I love her so much, I will always miss her.. Sleep well baby.. x

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She's chasing a ball somewhere over the bridge now.....

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I am so sorry. I know you must feel raw, and aching right now. Please know that you are being thought of with sympathy and caring thoughts right now. I wish I could make it better.

Just take each moment one breath at a time and allow yourself time to grieve.

Sending more (((HUGS))).....

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I am so sorry for the loss of your precious girl.

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I'm crying right along with you. Take care of yourself.

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I'm bawling all over again...... We just had to let our little Ellie (Ragdoll kitty) go on Saturday, we too had a mobile vet come to the house--as much for her as for her companion so he could be present and know why she would no longer be around. We're still grieving, but each day our breathing gets a little better.

I'm sure there's some "relief" wrapped up in all that grief---relief that you don't have to watch the suffering anymore, that you don't have to worry about "doing the right thing" anymore. Grab a hold of that. It helps.

My condolences on the loss of your precious Molly.......

Tracey (and Angel Ellie)

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much hugs. I am soooo very sorry for your loss. I recently lost Mocha and Rusty and I know its a terrible pain in your heart. She truly is in a much better place though and probably watching over you. At least that is what I like to think.

You had to make that hard decision to do what was right for her. As much as we want to keep them and love them, its not right to let them suffer, and they can't do it themselves.

You'll miss her, but it does get easier over time. Eventually, you get to a place where you remember the happy times you had with her and the tears get replaced with smiles.

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