Faucet without plumbers puddy

jerry_njSeptember 14, 2011

When mounting a new faucet to my new acrylic counter top I read the label and learned it could not be used on acrylic (and other solid surfaces) because of staining that would result. This I confirmed on this forum, thanks.

My new issue is I mounted the faucet without any sealer. I can not find any evidence of water migrating back under the faucet and dripping down into the cabinet. My conclusion is nothing is needed. If I want to apply silicone or similar to the faucet interface I'll have to raise the faucet up - I think that can be done without disconnection the water supply, but still why bother? The faucet is stainless steel and other materials intended to handle water and the acrylic should not be damaged by water, even if it is there for long periods.

Should I raise the faucet and insert some appropriate sealer, or just leave it alone as it seems to be working fine?

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If it is sealed properly, leave it alone. I typically use the white tub and tile adhesive caulk. Leave the squeeze out alone for about three days and it just peels away.

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Thanks, and thank for the tip on removing the excess if one uses tub caulk. I would normally try to clean up immediately.

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