Double Canine teeth

bessiedawgNovember 19, 2007

Sadie is a 7 1/2 month old doxie and she still has her puppy canines. Her adult canines came in well over a month ago. Do you ever have to have the puppy teeth pulled? I am still able to brush them, but a lot of stuff gets stuck between the puppy and adult canines between brushings. We have had dogs all our lives and never come across this problem before. Am I just concerned over nothing?



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I would consult your vet.

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yes you do . my dog did the same thing and the vet had to pull them because they wouldn`t come out on there own

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This is not unusual in small dogs. My toy fox terrier had eight retained baby teeth that were removed at the same time that she was spayed. You should have it done as soon as possible because they can prevent the permanent teeth from settling in their correct location. Two of my dog's front teeth remain slightly forward from where they should be, even though hers were removed at six months of age.

Also, small dogs tend to have trouble with their teeth anyway, so you don't want to leave something that could create more of a tendency for tooth decay.

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I never had my dogs as puppies so I don't know this stuff.
I'm glad you got an answer and have a story.

Was it someone on here that rushed a tooth to the vet in milk? Vet said it's okay, it's a baby tooth. They are supposed to come out.

Obviously a good Mother. That's what you would do with a child (well, not the vet) and she did the same for the dog.

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Great story. Talked with Sadie's Vet this morning and she has an appointment next week to have them removed.

On a sad note, our Vet told me that he is leaving the practice at the end of the year to take a position with our State Board of Health for animals. Our dear Bessie (RIP) was his first patient over 15 years ago when he first joined the Vet Hospital that we go to. The other 3 Vets there are great, but we will miss him.

Thanks for validating my concerns.

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Interesting. Riley who is a small mixed Shihtzu, Bichon poodle had all his canine teeth, permanent and baby until he was a year old. I took him to the vet when he was about 7 months and the vet recommended waiting until he was a year. Said they often don't come out until later in small breeds. He also said he doesn't like to take them too early because the roots of the permanent teeth can be damaged in the process. The first one came out when he was about 8 months old, the last just a few weeks ago. 2 of them I actually got out by playing tug of war with him.

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I can just imagine the giggle the office got after the lady brought in the baby tooth in milk. People are funny.

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My Yorkie has double canine on both top and bottom. She is 6 months old. I have checked her teeth for food deposits and gum irritation. Neither is present. Her breath smells bad. What can I do for her breath?

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becky45 - your yorkie might be having tummy problems or a sinus issue - time for a trip to the vet to rule out any problems.

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