Pool Removal in Virginia

JudyNGeneJanuary 7, 2011

I'm looking for contractors servicing northern virginia who know how to remove an in ground pool. It's a fairly large size for a residential lot and is built into the side of a retaining wall - so I don't want just anyone. Any suggestions on companies to call or how to start this search process? What are good questions to ask? What are red flags I should be looking for...etc. Thanks, Judy

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Look for an Excavation/Demolition Contractor in your local phone book or YP on line. Ask for a certificate of insurance and make sure they are licensed. Most states require some kind certification in the contractors field of expertise. Some states have websites for consumers to check on contractor qualifications. Good luck.

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Thanks for the pointers. One company has come out and provided an estimate of $20,000 which I thought was very high. It was my understanding from them that the top part had to be removed, but not the acutally concrete flooring (in Fairfax County). Sounds like I'll need to do some more checking around before I select a company and start the process. Typically, does this work require any type of permit? Thanks

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Usually. It might even mean a reduction in your property taxes. It would in my town.


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Scott's right. You might get a property tax credit.
Most areas require a demo permit.
If you do not take out the entire pool, you may create more problems for yourself in the future. You will have to disclose the partial demo if you ever sell the house. Buyers may not want the house with something buried in the back yard. Just food for thought.

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Rack Etear

You have to tear up the pool, so that you don't end up with a swamp in your back yard.

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Okay. I spoke to someone today, who's price was much closer to what I had been expecting. And he did say that they do in fact breakup the bottom (for drainage) and the top portion of the sides. He also talked about the 8,000 pound machine they use when the fill the dirt, that will tamp it down as they pour the layers. And...he did say that up until last year there was not an actual demo permit required. However, things were being discussed to require this and he's not sure where that ruling ended up. So he's looking into that for me. But I will chceck w/the local zoning and permit office myself we well.

They are going to remove the equipment and cap the gas line back there - and remove the circuit from the breaker box...does that sound right?

Plus, because access is via some common area - I think it's an easement (grass that I have to maintain but is owned by the county) I would probably have to get permission from my HOA to use that area. Any feedback or thoughts on these items?

Thanks for your help so far.

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Who did you use to remove your pool. I'm in McLean and looking to get rid of my pool.

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We are in the process of tearing out the pool. They have rented a jackhammer from a local equip rental to bust up the walls $300+/- per day and a right angle tool or blow torch to take out the rebar. Pool was 16x36 with a 3x36 smaller pool and 10x10 splash deck. Walls were all 1' thick and the floor of the pool 6" thick. Only one jackhammer running at a time and the tear out was less than 4 days. To haul off cement $75 to 100 per load. We had 5 loads.
Total spent on equip. less than $800. If the rebar is in less than 4' sections they will be able to sell it at a scrap yard for some decent money. Here it is $2.5/#.
Hope this helps.

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My dad wants to tear up his pool, did anyone on this page find a contractor that did a good job and was reasonable...??

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