dog makes weird noises asleep

novitaNovember 8, 2009

Does anyone else's dog make strange noises while asleep? Our lab sometimes emits a long, scary noise somewhere between a howl and a moan in the middle of the night. It's quite spooky! I'm quite sure he is asleep although I don't see him doing it. What IS that??

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My dog makes little noises in her sleep. I believe she is dreaming. She lets out these little cute yapping sounds. I wish I could see what she was thinking. She sounds like shes chasing something exciting.

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I used to have a Great Dane that made that howl/moan sound sometimes when asleep. It sounded so human, like: "OHHHHHHHHHHHH"

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Not only do they make noises, they chase rabbits, and dream big time!!!

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We have a hound mix who does howl in his sleep. It is a weird sound, like a muffled howl.

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One of my bassetts howl in her sleep.Its a very loud,long drawn out howl.I always wanted my hounds to howl and finally one of them does.The other bassett she just whines alot.

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They dream. Mine gets nightmares sometimes and I reach down to his bed and pet him. Once in a while he wags his tail vigorously in his sleep - so funny.

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Gina, that's hilarious! My dog doesn't wag his tail, but he does the twitching, whimpering dream thing.
I'm glad other dogs howl and moan in their sleep, it must be normal. thanks!

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Purchased a 7 month old female chow chow and put the crate in our bedroom for 2 nights only. Her snoring was like a 90 yr old man with bad adenoids. Now the crate is in another bedroom and I can hear her snoring from the other end of the house.Quite comical. Besides she is gorgeous.

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