Dishwasher in penninsula = inconvenient?

megs1082March 22, 2013

My husband and I are considering a home purchase. I have concerns about the kitchen layout. The dishwasher is on the very far end of the penninsula (right side of your screen). While I understand why it was put there in relation to the rest of the layout, I feel like it would be very inconvenient to not have any upper cabinets near the dishwasher. Does anyone have experience with this set-up? It seems to me that putting away glasses, would be really annoying, but maybe I'm overestimating the inconvenience.

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No photo.

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Our dishwasher is in a peninsula. I think its more important ot have the sink closer to the DW than the cabinets. I have a ushaped kitchen which can get crowded so I moved the glasses next to the fridge(outside of the u) and created a beverage area. When I look at the dw I go to the right for plates and to the left for glasses. Does not seem to be a big problem.

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We are moving our dishwasher TO the peninsula because of our u shaped kitchen. When we took down the upper cabinets that separated the family room and kitchen, all the stuff in them moved elsewhere. The dishes and glasses moved right above the dishwasher. Then I realized, neither myself or the kids could put them away without unloading them onto the counter, closing the dw, then moving closer and loading them into the cabinet. It is a pain!

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I have a dishwasher and main sink on a window wall with no uppers. I renovated this kitchen but kept the existing layout and was concerned about the lack of uppers (or dish drawers) on that wall. However, we have a good landing spot for the dishes on the island behind our dishwasher and I load clean dishes there, then load them into their spot in a cabinet a step away from that. It really hasn't been a problem at all - I just had to plan out my clean up zone carefully when I was organizing the cabinet space.

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Looks like my set-up. When I stand to the side of the DW, I'm 4 feet from the cabinet. It doesn't feel awkward at all to turn and put away dishes.

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That is the least of the problems with that layout.

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