Need a 42' tall crate

gor-gorNovember 8, 2009

My Borzoi is 31" tall and needs a taller crate than 32". All I can find in an XL or XXL crate are 32" at the tallest. Does anyone have a link to a crate he can be comfortable in? He's been jumping the gate I've been using so I need a full crate for when Apartment workers need to come in - they don't give much notice. I've done several google searches and have not been successful. Perhaps someone here has a giant breed link?

Thank you. :)

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Is he jumping a baby gate? Can you place another gate above the original gate? Just an idea.

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No, I can't, it's just a counter top to the left. It's as high as I can get it. That would be the least expensive option if possible, lol. :) I was able to find some 36" tall crates online doing an "extra tall dog crate" search, so I can go that route.

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Here's one.

Here is a link that might be useful: crate

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