Finally fostering!

cheryl_pNovember 2, 2010

Well, after a long, long time of hesitation, I will be picking up my first (and I hope not last) foster dog tomorrow. Wish me luck please! I have worked with a local rescue for awhile and saw Charlie several times. I really don't know why he has not been adopted yet as he is a sweet black & white 2 year old neutered male. And while he IS a Rat Terrier (does the breed name scare folks off?), he doesn't seem to have the oft times irritating terrier habits like barking and chasing- at least at adoption events and at the rescue farm. I hope he doesn't change when he comes to stay with me since I have two great cats, one of which is very friendly and easy going, the other oh-so-smart but a little "hissy" at times. He has riden in the car well to adoption events and crates well. My husband walks daily and he will be great company for that. The best thing though is that the rescue farm is currently very crowded and now he will have a warm place here as well as possibly freeing up a kennel for another rescue one day- yea!

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I love ratties! They are very loyal and intelligent dogs. Some have cat issues as they see cats as prey. You'll find out soon enough. They are a terrier with all the terrier drive to ground so leash them when out or fence them to protect them from themselves should a rabbit or chipmunk cross their paths.

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