Lucy Had Her Surgery Today

momof2doxiesNovember 3, 2009

Lucy had her cystoscopy with the collagen injections done today for her incontinence. She is doing really well this evening. They have her on heavy duty pain med.'s for the next several days so she will be able to potty without feeling the pain.

Her incontinence had gone from just dribbling to complete voiding in the past couple of months. We had tried Proin earlier this past summer without any results, so they tried the DES. It helped for a short while when she was just dribbling, but once the complete voiding incontinence started it just wasn't effective at all. We know that this is just a temporary fix as the collagen will only last 12-24 months, but we are hoping it is worth it. Hopefully they will be able to come up with something that works for longer in the future.

We are just keeping our fingers crossed that the stronger pain med's can keep her comfortable enough to potty without problems this time. I feel so bad for her considering she doesn't turn two until the 21st of this month.

Lucy has her spay done on Friday. She also has to have biopsies done of her salivary glands and teeth cleaning. Her dentist is concerned that her glands have not returned to normal now that she is done teething. Lately, I feel like I am seeing more of the folks at the Vet's office and Vet School than any family or friends.

These three young gals need to all get healthy so they can enjoy their young lives.


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Thanks for letting us know what is happening with Lucy. I hold the good thought that she continues to improve.

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Thanks Petaloid for the good thoughts. Lucy has been through a lot for being so young. She is snoring away right now.

I made a typo when I posted and it is Lily that will have her spay etc. on Friday.

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((HUGS and PRAYERS)) to your Dog and People Family.I cant imagine what you have been thru.


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I am sending positive thoughts your way for the Girls.

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I am happy to report that Lucy and Lily are both doing great. Lucy may have to have a little more work done this week, but it shouldn't be anything major.

Lily is amazing us. The day after her spay and biopsies, she acted like nothing had ever taken place. We won't get the pathology report back for a couple more days, so we are still keeping our fingers crossed.

Thanks for the positive thoughts.

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I have to say I just love Lucy and Ethel's names. And just want to send best wishes to Lucy and Lily.

Too bad you can't do a correction on your name. You need to get the 2 replaced with a 3. (Big smile)

Take care.

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Thanks for the update - I hope everyone does well!

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