underground fence vs. son's Lab .... so funny!!!!

vieja_gwNovember 1, 2010

Son's rescue Yellow Lab mix 'Buddy' is a character! To keep him out of a newly seeded area, son buried the underground 'fence' & put the collar on the him & his 'live-in' girlfriend 'Serenity'. Well 'Buddy' got a few 'zaps' when he tried to go over the fence line in the ground but then decided it hurt for 'just a second', so... he would grimace & then jump over onto the 'secure area'! The look on his face as he shut his eyes tight,closed his mouth & then leaped was So funny! The fence was removed later & grass survived! The little Corgi mix girlfriend of 'Buddy's though didn't think the 'zap' was worth her doing the same though so she just sat back on the secure side & watched! I wouldn't trust those type of 'fences'!

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I'm sure it was funny to watch his face. However, the reason the fence didn't work is that your son didn't train the dog to it. You can't just put the collar on and turn the dog loose. It takes weeks of patient training to have a dog that reliably respects the invisible fence.

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I agree with Prarie Love. 4 of my dogs are IF trained and they wouldn't think to cross the line. Teaching them the line took a couple of weeks, working 20 minutes per day per dog. But now I can leave them outside and even with strays coming in the yard they won't leave the IF.

You also may have to adjust the shock so it is NOT worth it to cross the line. 2 of my huskies required the Stubborn Dog collar, one is turned almost all the way up. I think their hair interferes with the collar a little bit but both of them escaped one time each so I had to turn up the shock a bit. Neither have escaped since then.

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add me to the list...the reason it didn't work was lack of training. i trained my dogs faithfully, every single day for 2 weeks ON LEASH before they were allowed to be loose. none of them (3 great danes) took more than one correction before they respected the "beep" feature. now they will not go within 20' of the boundary.

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I have a set up in the house that I train mine with flags and a little thing that gives the same beep and correction as the outside one. Mine never cross the line. When I first took them for a walk with their regular collars it took a lot of convincing to cross that line . Now they kow the difference. It's also greta to put around the Xmas tree to keep them from investigating too much and I put my poinsettas inside that area.

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I'm sure if that fence were to be permanent the training would help but now the fence is no longer needed so both dogs have the run of the yard. Now would training work with 'Buddy'? ..... you'd have to actually know him & you might decide otherwise!! He's a character!

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If the dog isn't trained, the fence is just random punishment. Random punishment doesn't help dogs to learn. It's just cruel. I'm not a fan of this kind of fence, but *if* one is to be used because there's no other option, the dog needs to be trained.

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