Killing Animals

bonebloodyidleNovember 2, 2009

How do you deal with this? I am talking about unavoidable roadkill rather than depraved monsters. What really bothers me are the pets that are put out at night, mainly pussycats. When I am driving home after a late shift at one or two in the morning they are everywhere. Big lumps of healthy pets, not thin straggly strays. Three cats and two dogs have been killed by me driving home in the small wee hours and it disturbs me. More so that I can't get hold of the owners at that hour and let them know that Tiddles or Fido didn't suffer.

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Drive a bit slower. There will be the occasional unavoidable accident, but if you slow down you will have a better chance to prevent the accident in the first place.

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They are everywhere here too. I always try to get any living pet I can into a shelter or, if they actually have valid ID, I take them home. I'm not shy about the hours. I figure if their pets are out late at night, they must be waiting anxiously for them to return home.

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Pets loose are seldom being "waiting anxiously for them to return home." in my neck of the woods. Most times taking them home would get you cussed out at three in the morning. Or even 10PM.

Back when I was in high school, I worked part time(weekends during school and summer full time) for a local vet/hospital. One rainy Sunday morning, I was on my way to church on my motorcycle, with my brother as a passenger. Slick streets so I was being careful. Saw a daschund sitting on the curb about a block ahead. Told my brother to hang on since I firured the dog would wait til the last minute and dart across the street----as I has seen it do many times before(same way I went to work)

I slowed down, and sure as shooting---as I got to the dog---ZIP! across he went. I had teo choices---wreck or hit the dog. And the possibility if I hit the dog I wrecked anyway.

I was trying to be ready for anything---but it happened so fast I hit the dog.

So, I stop, go back to the dog, which was up and limping---one back leg obviously broken. No question---my brother cradles the dog, I check the collar and find a tag from a neighboring clinic. I knew the cages were cleaned there at the time ---so off we go. Knocked on the door, got the cleaner to let us in and we called the vet. Tried to call the church to tell our parents what had happened(this was back when dial phones were the only ones in use. Church had already started, no one in the office.

Vet comes in, says he won't work on the dog without owners permission, looks up tag number---that number was registered to a German Shepherd. Owners never had a daschund in their life. I went back to the place and knocked on three doors---never found the owner.

Got into trouble because my parents were worried sick----never found the dogs owner, and got our Sunday suits dirty(requiring dry cleaning)

When my dogs get out/loose, I go look. I do NOT sit and wait anxiously. I will accost strangers to ask if they saw the dog. I care.

Have tried several times to take a loose dog 'home'. Can remember only a couple timnes I got that accomplished---and one time the owner not only did not thank me, they set the dog down and it ran off again.

About five years ago, I never saw the MinPin in the grass before it ran out in front of my truck(at 55 mph). The sound still haunts me. I stopped, backed up and gently put the body in my truck and went looking for the owner. Tag had an address and the dog had a coat on---should have been easy---right?

Not so----never found anyone claiming the dog. And got in trouble since I was supposed to be straight home from work so the wife could use the truck(no cell phone)

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I'm really sorry, bonebloodyidol. You feel awful about the ones you hit and I would too, but it's not your fault.

Seeing housepets roaming the streets bothers me too.

Neighbors at the end of our block leave their three cats ouside most of the time, and we take our chances when we turn the corner.

It's only a matter of time before one of them is hit, trust me, and it won't be the driver's fault.

We live near a busy street, so we keep our pets inside. To me, that's only common sense.

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Meghane, lol... I bet your late night calls come with a little lecture that they SHOULD be waiting anxiously for their return, or up and looking for them. I like that attitude. Some pet owners need a little education and I bet you are just the sort of person to enlighten them.

I agree with petaloid. I try to drive safely and avoid pets, but sometimes my heart gets broken. I try to console myself with the knowledge that the pet is in a better place, being taken care of properly over that great bridge...

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We have indoor/outdoor cats and they HATE being kept inside overnight even in the worst weather. Cats are naturally nocturnal hunters. Fortunately we live in the middle of nowhere and the closest road has an average of two cars a day on it.

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Darenka- you've got me all figured out LOL!

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