Using roman tub faucet for bathroom sink? (Water pressure etc.)

cinnamonsworldSeptember 19, 2010

The bathroom sink faucet set I've ordered meets the specs for the Kohler integral sink and vanity top I've ordered. Although from seeing the Kohler product in person I'm not convinced the reach on the faucet will be ideal for that sink, even though the specs say it will be.

There's a matching roman tub faucet that has a reach that may be an alternative if the sink faucet reach isn't ideal. But I wouldn't want torrents of water ala a bath to be flowing into the sink.

So questions are:

- can a roman tub sink rough-in to the pipes for a bathroom sink fine

- is the water pressure going to be appropriate for a sink if you do that, and otherwise any reasonable ways to regulate the flow to normal sink-flow water output?

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A Roman tub filler would allow a much much larger of volume of water to flow, probably too much -- I suppose you could turn down the amount of water at the shut offs so the sink wouldn't be overwhelmed -- but then you'd have a little trickle that wouldn't flow well.

Also, a Roman tub filler wouldn't have an aerator.

I don't think this is a good idea at all.

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A tub filler would allow a much much larger of volume of water to flow.
Whether it's "Roman" or any other name.

Most bathroom sinks are hand rinse "lavatory" shaped about the size of a large salad bowl.
A fire hydrant is not an appropriate device to fill a bowl.

Some companies publish the flow rate of their tub fillers.
You can see this on their web site.

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