Reaplaced old sink and p-trap does not line up

lsstSeptember 6, 2008

I replaced a plastic stand laundry sink with one with a cabinet and counter top.

The new sink sticks out more and sits higher than the old one.

the p-trap sits about 2 inches closer to the wall and does not meet the drain of the new sink. I plan on buying an extension pipe for once I get the p-trap to line up but how do I get the p-trap to line up with the sink drain? Do they make a flex drain pipe that I can attach to the drain and then to the p-trap?

It is all pvc and compression fittings.

Thanks in advance!!!

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you just use longer tail pieces and j arms(i think that is the term the part that goes to teh wall.) cut to the length required.

i have never been a fan of the flex tail pieces, they clog easily in my experience, especially if you really flex them cockeyed.

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Thanks for the reply!

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I was able to buy a longer j-arm. The plumber had installed the compression plastic nut for the original j-arm in a place that was impossible to access it. I cut the original j-arm and used a coupler. I then connected the new longer j-arm and the p-trap and it lined up.


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I only see one small problem with that solution; it is expressly PROHIBITED BY CODE.

"Maximum of one (1) slip joint on the outlet side of a trap."

The one slip joint that is permitted is the trap adapter that makes the transition from the P-trap tubing to the waste arm pipe.

IRC-3201.1 & UPC1003.2

In an instance where the trap does not reach to the waste arm the correct solution remove the existing trap adapter and extend the waste arm.

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Maybe I have my terminology wrong. I bought a longer waste arm to extend it. Is the coupler the problem?
So to make it code, I will have to find a way to access that one compression nut that held the original waste arm pipe?
That means I will have to knock out some of my foundation to get to it.
I can not believe it passed code the way the original plumber did it. He buried the compression nut that holds the waste arm in brick and mortar. Just a small section is exposed.
I can go into the crawl space and cut the waste line where it is glued and start over. I still will have to knock out some of the foundation brick to even get the pipe and nut out but maybe not as much.
Thanks for the heads up.

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What kind of coupler did you use?

It doesn't sound like the original trap arm was installed correctly.

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A friend of mine invented,patented and manufactured waste arms with 22.5 and 45 degree right and left offsets available in two lengths in each offset. They are UPC approved and stamped. He has not started marketing them yet. They are 17 ga. chrome.

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would your friend be willing to let me try a couple?
they would seem to work in my situation.

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The Pipes are available from He would not have the time to ship it to you,but there is a list of dealers on the website. Hope that helps Joe

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