Kitchen layout - feedback?

sparkler39March 20, 2013

Hi all, looking for opinions on my kitchen layout. I just finalized (I think) the roll-outs, etc. for the cabinets. The cabinets are 48." I think it might be a little hard to tell in the photo but starting from the bottom left of the kitchen there's the following:
1. HVAC space
2. French door, bottom freezer fridge, cabinet aboveâ¦hoping to make it extend to the front of the fridge for things like large platters and vases.
3. 24" pantry - two doors that open with 4-6 pull out trays and an additional cabinet above.
4. 24" cabinets up top and a 3" spice pull-out and then 4 drawers on the bottom
5. Gas range/oven with microwave and a small cabinet above.
6. 24" cabinets up top and a 24" cabinet with two pull-out shelves for pots/pans
7. Upper and lower lazy susans in the corner cabinets
8. 18" cabinets up top and 2 pull-out trays on the bottom.
9. 36" sink with a sponge hideaway, cabinet below, and a window above.

  1. 24" Dishwasher on the bottom and 36" cabinets up top
  2. Small 9" cabinet that opens to the right (instead of the front)â¦used for pet supplies.

The on the island, the part that is closest to the fridge will have a little 12-bottle wine rack on the part facing the fridge with a bookshelf below. On the interior side of the island there will be a trash can pull-out in the same cabinet as the wine rack. Then in the middle there's a pull out drawer and then a cabinet with pull-out trays. Then on the other end there is a pull-out drawer and then underneath that there's a place for upright cookie sheet and cooling rack storage and then a mixer lift.

There is only 36" between the island and the fridge in that one section but it's only for a 3 foot stretch. It feels like while that little part might be tight, there'd be plenty of room in the rest of the kitchen to make up for it. I guess I might be able to move the island over to the right by a foot if necessary.

I kinda like the idea of it there because I'm short (less than 5' tall) and I feel like I could stand in front of the open fridge, pull things out, and place them directly behind me. Then close the door, and move the items to the sink or prep counter or stove, wherever they're going next. Does that make sense?

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Do you intend to only use your island for seating/buffet/homework space? Or more simply... did you envision yourself prepping at your island?

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Remodelfla, I'm actually not sure. I can see myself doing some prepwork there (especially with the stand mixer, maybe mostly baking stuff) but if my husband and I were both working in the kitchen he'd probably be at the island and I'd be next to the sink or the stove working. We're coming from a REALLY cramped kitchen so I don't want to have a ridiculous amount of space but I feel like it'd give us a good amount of room to not bang into each other. At the moment when we're prepping meat or veggies together we've got a 30" space to shareâ¦it's a NIGHTMARE. And I figure in a few years if we have kids they could use the island for homework while one of us were working near the sink.

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Your island shape is not conducive to use for prep because most of it is too far away. And yet the 3' you will have in front of the fridge is the worst spot to have a traffic jam. I use the end of my peninsula which is across from my fridge as my drop zone.

I am 4'10" tall and the 46 inches of space is definitely not too far to use as a set down, and at the same time, I can walk past if one of the kids in "lingering" with the doors open or using the water dispenser.

I would try a standard rectangular island that is located 4' from the perimeter counters. That will make it a much more convenient prep zone for your range. On top of that, I would look into putting a small prep sink (I think minimum 16", but some people are ok with 14") toward the fridge end to give you a very functional layout.

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Controlfreakecs, I like the idea of a prep sink and I'll see what the builder thinks about changing the island. I'm hoping it would be cheaper to go with a rectangular island than the angled island...

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