tub side drain to shower/no tub drain?

ready2movesSeptember 16, 2013

Want to remodel the bathroom. Right now there is a regular tub in there with the drain at the one end.
I want to put a fiberglass shower unit all-in-one in there, but most of the units have the drain in the center.
ok. so what are my options?
The home is built on a slab, so no crawl space or basement, and no I do not want to dig out the concrete.
Just what are my options for the drain on the one end?

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There is normaly an opening through the slab called "leave out" beneath tubs that will allow routeing the drain as will be needed. If there is no leave out when you remove the tub,just raise the floor of shower above slab enough for drain to go underneath. Retro-fit all in one showers normaly sit high enough to use a "shoe"drain to address this. You didn't ask but before you get too far along, I reccomend measureing your doors and halls to make certain you can get the shower into the bath room.

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