tankless water heater leaking (Takagi Jr.)

mhudsonSeptember 29, 2011

I've been a happy tankless user for a few years, but just last week my Takagi Jr sprang a leak (drips less than one drop per second.) I took a picture of the inside part that is leaking and it looks like it might just be some gaskets. But they have some press-on clip fittings that I've never worked with, so I don't know if it is a user-serviceable part.

I'm a little disappointed in the leak. The unit has been in service since January 2007. Would water hammer strain those gaskets?

Not sure if this is a clue, but the hot water circ pump runs 24/7. (Theorizing about installing a motion-sensor switch.)


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I think that you need to talk to the Takagi folks about warranty repair.

Also, 24/7 on the circ pump isn't good. Besides the energy lost through the pipes, it will also erode the heater core and piping.

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I did put some pipe insulation around the hot water pipes, but I'm sure there is still energy loss.

For now, I put a cat dish under the leak, and the cats enjoy having constantly fresh water to drink.

Takagi says the flow sensor is only a $35 part + $2 for gaskets.

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I can't believe I still haven't fixed this... how to find the part... Looking at the docs at http://www.takagi.com/download/Service%20parts/T-KJr.pdf it seems they call that part on the diagram #419 EKN28 Flow adjustment valve and it lists at $200, but http://bostonheatingsupply.com/ekn28.aspx has it for $104

Here is a link that might be useful: T-Kjr manual PDF

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Oh, and it wasn't the gaskets. We replaced those a couple months ago, and after cleaning off the hard water deposits, it was clear that the little black box itself was leaking.

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