Cantera coping Good idea or not

marlinmanJanuary 25, 2011

We are looking to do cantera as the coping to our new Spanish influenced pool. I have not seen this done much, is this a mistake. The pool will not be a salt water if that makes a difference.

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IMO I don't like it. Especially on a freeform pool. It starts to look notchy or choppy. I like the coping to flow with the shape of the pool. Another reason would be that the pieces are small and it starts to look like soldiers lined up along your pool.

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First it would depend on where you live. I don't think it would handle freeze thaw to well as it is very pourus.

We have been installing cantera around pools for many years. There are many different colors and hardness of cantera. Some you can scratch with your finger nail, and others quite hard. Obviously you want the latter.
In an opposite opinion to Sceadu, cantera stone is very easily milled. So making custom radius pieces is one of the benefits. Also being able to mill many different profiles for the edge is also a benefit.

I do recommend sealing it, and keeping up on that. It is the only stone that I don't recommend using a salt system with, mainly because it is pourus.

I am doing a remodel right now that has custom cantera coping around it. It is 10years old, and a salt pool, and looks as good as when it went in. I dont believe they ever sealed it either.

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