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markn902September 16, 2010

Hi my house came with a "rough in" for a water softener and I am installing a new one. My question is this my water softener has a 1" male water outlet to accept water and my house has a 3/4 bypass valve installed in the "rough in" that needs copper pipe sweated into it. So I am trying to make this happen however my local hardware store really doesn't have much in the way of parts for this. I guess I need copper pipe that has a 3/4 inch fip sweat end on one side that turns into a 1" female threaded end. (if that makes any sense) or something that will accomplish what I am trying to do here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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In order to help we need to know what brand of softener and see a picture of the softener loop you have to connect to. There may be an elegantly simple way to do what you need.

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Thank you for your response. I have a Watco WS1 Water Softener
and after looking around the web for a pic of it I found this.
now I have that little gray plastic tip thats shown in the pic. I didn't know what it was for (apparently for going down from 1" to 3/4 lol) I didn't know you could sweat PVC to copper. but there it is (does anyone know how to do that?) as for my loop I couldn't find a pic that resembles mine all I can say is its in the garage there are two copper lines sticking out of my wall with a bypass hooked up to it. It is for all the water in my house as far as I know and it is about 12" below where the water softener hook ups are (on the softener) again thank you all.

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Does your control valve have a bypass attached to the back? If you didn't get the bypass, get one.

If you got the 90 degree 1" male threaded adapters then...
easier to solder a 3/4 male thread onto the copper and use these
to go from 3/4" male thread to the 1" male thread the Clack valve connectors are.

You can find them by clicking HERE and looking for SWC 1" x 3/4" x 18"

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