Caroma does business in Canada...wish I'd known.

alan_s_thefirstSeptember 25, 2012

I'd been meaning to rant about North American toilets for some time, and now's the time. After living in Australia for many years, I returned to Canada to discover it's incredibly easy to block a toilet....because they're errr...too skinny.

Never happened in Australia. Toilets are 4"/100mm all the way through, from the toilet itself to the drain lines. I never needed to own plunger, even with two kids. A bucket held at a height was all you ever needed on the one or two occasions the thing DID manage to get blocked.

Finally bought a new American Standard - a good deal - and took great pleasure in smashing the old one when I took it to the dump. Now, a couple of months later I got a flyer from a wholesaler, and lo and behold! Caroma, an Australian brand, is available here, and one of the benefits they tout is the 4" throughout. The prices are decent, too.

Wish I'd gotten that flyer a couple of months ago. They're pretty much universally dual flush, and I see they have a model that's got a handwashing sink integrated into it, so the water gets used for flushing. How clever is that, especially in a small powder room? There's a Caroma USA site, too.

Rant over. Sigh.

Here is a link that might be useful: Caroma Australia

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American Standard toilets have been for _ _ _ _ for awhile. All the companies' first efforts at lower water use models were clumsy, none more so than AS. They seem to have learned from their mistakes, I've heard newer models are better.

I don't know Caroma but Toto (Japanese) has be around for awhile. I have several like them a lot.

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My BIL and SIL had an early low flow - they're on a well - which was appalling. You had to pour a jug of water as well when you flushed, or nothing happened.

For the most part, I really like dual flush better, because you have the discretion as to how much water you need, whereas a low flow will be the same amount each flush.

That being said, I actually like the new one I installed and it has been good, hasn't blocked but still has that damn narrow neck.

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I don't like dual flush toilets. Unless your water supply is severely restricted, I think it's a false economy. Other water uses consume so much more water, other measures can make more of a difference. Saving a gallon or so a flush doesn't really accomplish much.

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I didn't think commercial posts were permitted.

Most water use where I live is outdoors. A savings of several gallons per day amounts to something less than 30 seconds of sprinkler time. Many people water for hours each week, a 30 second equivalent isn't much.

Switching from baths to showers with a low flow head can save 20-30-40 gallons per person per day or more. Another area for indoor savings can be achieved when your top loader washing machine dies, to replace it with a front loader (if you can afford the cost).

I'm sure many people will buy and enjoy these products, but to tout them as producing significant water savings may be a stretch for many buyers.

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Well, dual flush was invented in Australia, where they know a bit about water conservation.

You may use more water outdoors, and of course, any water conservation measures should include showers/baths etc.

The big thing about dual flush is you have some control over how much water you're using, and, used properly, has no impact on the function of the toilet....otherwise, you really are wasting water and it adds up.

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Every water use is an opportunity to use thoughtfully or wastefully. The same is true of anything else, for that matter. When the user pays for what they use, they should have the choice.

All I was saying is that saving a a few quarts per flush adds up to nothing compared to what's used or wasted with most other uses. Someone who runs their sprinklers when it's raining, takes baths in a huge tub, etc, doesn't achieve salvation or a Sierra Club award by saving an inconsequential amount of water when they flush the toilet.

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