Lighting a baja bench or tanning ledge

tlvancouverJanuary 7, 2013

We've just revised our plans and now have a large (8 by 20) tanning ledge and I'm curious how you light it? We have intellibrite LEDs going in the pool and spa.

I'm concerned about the ledge looking a different colour in the day and looking weird - anyone do a darker pebbletec on the ledge?

At night I'm not sure how others light their decks - it's not deep enough for an LED...

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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How deep will the water be? Savi lights go into a return fitting so that is a possibility. Lighted bubblers could be used as well.

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My ledge is 9" of water and it's not deep enough for lighting. Had this talk with my PB today. But my ledge is a different color anyway because it will all be glass tile. he told me most people just light from above so we will do some lighting around the tanning ledge.

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Pentair just came out with a small LED light called GLOBright. It is an LED light to complement their Intellibrite lights. It is meant for shallow water applications with a low voltage transformer.

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Pools94 nailed it....a great option for shallow water lighting that meets code and provides ample light. There are LV white options if color is not your thing.

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Ironically my Pentair rep just walked in and dropped off new LED bubblers that can be ran with or without intellibrites and will sync with them.

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I've been howling for those for a long time. I wonder if they got the landscape light varieties too.


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Natural_one, do you know what they're called or have an approximate cost? The globrites are interesting - we're looking at between 6-9 inches so not sure if they'd work?

Friends of ours have a led strip lining the border of their tanning ledge which looks pretty slick in photos, not sure how it would look in person - have any of you seen that?

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Scott- I thought I saw landscape lights 2 years ago at the show, no? Never carried them or installed them. I cant imagine colored landscpae lighting looking decent with the exception to Disneyland, haha.

tlvancouver- they are called a "colorcascade led light bubbler". Varying nozzle sizes and flow rates dependent on desired height and water depth.

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The choice of land scape lighting is extremely limited.


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If you are still looking at bids, and want a better finished product then the company you are looking at, give Natural one a shout.

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