Design help for a smallish kitchen

LordBGMarch 22, 2013

Hey everyone,

I've been reading these forums for a while, and now it's time for me to finish my own kitchen plan. I must have drawn at lest 15 differents setups for this kitchen, but I'm still not sure if I have the best plan.

In my plan, the door leads to the backyard (and the BBQ !). The basement stairs are just in front of the door. The top window is a low window (31" from the floor), while the left one is higher (48 inches from the floor).

My main "problems" with this plan is :
- putting cabinets in front of a low window (window at the top is only 31 inches from the floor)
- I'm closing the side of my stairwell to the basement, which might make my kitchen look smaller
- No countertop beside my fridge

What I really like with this setup :

- My prep zone and my sink are not under wall cabinets and are not facing a wall
- Lot of counter space
- Place for a nice range hood (chimney ?)
- Good storage.
- I can have stools (my wife will love that)

Anyonw has any advice on how to optimise this plan ? What should I do with the corner cabs. Should I put cabinets above my range and use a normal range hood under the cabinet ? Should I use an OTR MW ?

Thanks a lot for your time,

PS : after the plan comes the materials and colors, AHHHHH !
PS2 : sorry about my english, it's my second language.

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explain the traffic flow: is the back door the only alternate entrance besides the front it the common entrance for groceries/coming in from driveway/etc? other words is there a great deal of foot traffic in/out from this door?....if you can,show an overhead of the rooms adjacent to the kitchen...if this is a heavy traffic path and you can extend the kitchen on left hand wall, the fridge in the path might be less than desirable.

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thank you for your answer herbflavor !

The back door is the only alternate entrance, but the driveway is in front. The back door mostly won't be used much, except maybe during summer to access the backyard (I live in Quebec, so lot fo snow during winter !)

The common area is 30 feet long, and must hold the kitchen, the dining room and the "small" living room, so I don't think I can extend it much. Currently, the dining room and the kitchen are merged together and take half the space, while the living room takes the other half. The plan is to actually take the dining table out of the kitchen...

I joined a plan of the house to help you understand how it's done. It's not a big house, and I understand the limitation, but I'm trying to make the best of what I have. Trying to have the best space usage and a good looking living room/dining room/kitchen.

thank you again for your time, your help is appreciated !

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I like it! This plan works in your space and you get the stools :)

Have you considered a french door fridge, to take up less space, when the doors are open?

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