I put my dog down - it was so peaceful

toomuchglassNovember 26, 2010

I made the awful decision to have my dog put down today . She's a cocker/bichon mix & was 17 and a half years old !

Watching her have so many problems in the last month - I knew in my heart it was time.

The last dog I had to put down was my Golden ... She got "the shot" & I thought she was going to jump off of the table -- it looked like it hurt her so bad. I've had nightmares about it . I've since read that's a reaction of the body to the heart stopping - not pain ... But it killed me to watch that.

This is a new vet I've never seen before . I was so impressed at how respectful she was of me & how peaceful she made the whole process.

She did the whole procedure slowly and calmly ...and explained every step of the way what is going to happen. Finally , Anna just relaxed in my arms for the last time. ( No jerking or twitching )

All went well ..... I hope your babies are up there waiting to play with a fiesty little girl . ((Anna))

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awww, i'm so very sorry for your loss. i've been in your shoes and this is such a heart wrenching decision to have to make but one made from love.

i'm so glad it was peaceful for both you and anna. i know a couple of corgis who are probably jumping for joy at having a new playmate. ;)

((((hugs)))) to you!


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I am so sorry for your loss. (((HUGS)))

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My heart goes out to you over the loss of your furbaby. I too know how heartbreaking it is when the time comes for them to go to the Rainbow Bridge. You have many years of memories to cherish.

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You did the right thing. She had a wonderful 17 1/2 years with you and you made the final decision to end her problems. It's always sad to do but necessary.

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My eyes are leaking.....I'm so sorry about Anna. I know that is a long life and you were both lucky to have each other all of that time. But the longer you have each other the closer the bond...and it always hurts. My Lab passed on Oct.11 and I've cried every day. I just miss my Duke. Hugs to you and may all of your memories be happy ones.


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I'm so sorry. I know how it hurts.

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Oh, dear!! I am so sorry. I have 2 10 year old bichon sisters. the one us battling a terrible skin condition and I am worried sick. Going to vet tomorrow.
Know that your beloved friend is waiting for you on the other side of the Bridge. Best of luck.

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I'm so sorry.

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Thanks for your kind words . Your thoughts touched my heart deeply . I'll be crying for quite a while. My eyes are so swollen - they hurt.

A neighbor had bought her for his wife for a birthday gift . She came down with Parvo --- yet survived ,but they just didn't want to take care of her anymore. They gave her to a different neighbor - that neighbor decided she didn't want her so I took her. That's why I named her "Annie" ( Anna)
little orphan Annie. And that's her story !

She had a great life. All my dogs lived long -
Bootsie - 12 (small terrier mix )
Bucky - 13 ( collie/lab)
Lady - 13 ( Golden )
Ellie -13 ( Rottie )
Anna - 17 (cocker/bichon)
and I had a cat -lived to 20 .( free from a rummage sale )

Sorry for babbling ... I just need to keep reminding myself that all my dogs had a nice long lives .

((((((( Everybody )))))))))

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

With a wonderful record like that, your animals are very lucky to have found you. So sorry for your loss. It does take awhile to get past the sadness and just have fond memories. Take it easy.

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