Meet Mr. Biggelsworth

glaserberlNovember 29, 2010

We got a new addition to the family.

On Nov.13th one of the guys from our shop called and said that he found a tiny, wet kitten. DH and I went to see what we could do. Our guy had wrapped the kitten in some clean rags but he was still very cold and cried when touched. I didn't think I could help him. He was just too tiny, didn't even know if he would be able to eat solid food. We decided to take him to the Animal Rescue League to see what they would say. DH asked if they would notify us if he survived and she said that they don't give out any information once you relinquish an animal. But if we were interested in adopting him she would take our name. Surprisingly DH said yes. He had grumbled all the way there that we could not have a fourth cat. They called the vet on duty to see what she thought his chances were. By this time the kitten wasn't even crying anymore and completely unresponsive. The said that she thought the kindest thing would be to put him down. Sadly I handed him over.

Fast forward to today. The phone rings and it is the ARL. The kitten you dropped off id ready to be adopted.

So here he is, 8 weeks old and named by our 17 year old son.


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He is going to be a beautiful cat with eyes that match his fur. A local business here has four babies they rescued and they are office cats now. One looks like this and his name is Pumpkin. He has the most engaging personality.

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He is going to be a semi-shop cat. The plan is to take him to the shop with me in the morning and back home in the afternoon.
One of our other ones started out as a shop cat but was getting to "wild" with the paperwork. He put his paw stamp on everything. :) He now is at home full time. We will see how this little guy develops.

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Awwww - how cute!! That must have been what my Boris looked like when he was a baby. He was four when we got him so we never got to see him as a kitten. How sweet!!

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The pictures are gone! I wanted to see Mr. Biggelsworth. :(

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I can still see them. Try the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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Thank you, that worked. He's so cute!

I laughed at your description on the other thread of the interaction under the door.

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