utility faucet with pre rinse sprayer

psyoheSeptember 7, 2013

I have questions for the plumbers. I want a utility faucet with a pre rinse sprayer with a long hose. I don't want one of those faucets with the metal coil. They are not long enough.

I would like for the faucet to be deck mounted with one hole and one handle. The commercial sprayer can be attached to the faucet or mounted on the deck.

I saw something called an add on faucet. If I understand correcty, I think the sprayer can be added to the faucet.

Am I even close? I will post several pictures of what I found in case someone can tell me what parts I would need to buy. Thanks for your help. Peke

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That first picture is the sprayer that I would like, but it has two holes and two handles and is wall mounted.

I found this picture, but it has two handles too.

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This is the add on part. It has one handle and one hole. I need both hot and cold water. How does that work?

I could add the sprayer on the top. Wouldn't I need something to switch the water from faucet to sprayer? A valve? Over my head, I'm afraid.

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I would also like the handle to be on the front where drips go in the sink when I turn it off with wet hands.

This last picture is with a stand alone commercial sprayer mounted directly on the counter. I guess there needs to be a part that connects the faucet to the sprayer. What is it called?

I want to make sure I have all the parts on site when the plumber comes. (I live in a very small town and there are no stores around.)

So is this something that can be done?

Is it better to have the faucet and sprayer as one finished piece?

Is it better to buy a regular one holed, one handle faucet and put the sprayer on the counter?

I think the hose would be out of the way if the sprayer had it's own hole in the countertop.

Suggestions? Thanks, peke

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Plumbers, can you help me out? Thanks,peke

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This is the sprayer hose I want to put in my utility sink. Can someone help me figure out what other parts I need?

Will the sprayer go with any faucet?

Thanks, peke

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