Sump Pump question

jimbo22sSeptember 27, 2011

The on/off switch on my two year old Zoeller sump pump does not seem to work properly.

The pump clicks on when the water level rises, but often the pump will stop when the water declines far enough but it will not click off. Then the pump will run on/off, on/off a few times until something prompts the pump to click off. It seems like the float pulls the little arm down hard enough to make the pump stop, but not hard enough to make the pump click off. It is like a light switch that is stuck in the middle. I can make the pump click off if I just push on the little arm. It seems like the switch is fine but that the float does not pull down hard enough on the arm to make the pump click off.

Is this a known issue with Zoeller? Is there a way I can fix the pump so that the float pulls the arm a little harder.

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Could try attaching a small weight to it and see what happens.

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Shouldn't have to re-engineer this thing. I would make sure the switch is clean and try some of that wonder fluid WD-40.

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From the description I am assuming you have a pedastal pump which has a float ball on the bottom end of a metal shaft that goes through the pump switch control arm.

If that is correct, there are two adjustable collars on the shaft. As the sump fills and the float rises the loweer collar pushes up on the switch arm to turn the motor on.

Once the motor starts and it begins pumping the sump, the float will drop with the water level until the upper stop collar pulls the switch down to the off position.

Sight unseen, I would suspect that the upper collar has slide up on the shaft a bit and the float is bottoming out before the collar can pull the swith arm down to the full off position.

Try loosening the upper stop collar and sliding it down about a 1/4" to a 1/2" then tighten it in place and that should resolve your problem.

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One very important piece of the system which is typically overlooked or missing is the "Check Valve". The discharge line must have a check valve, otherwise the pump clicks on, fills the pipe until the sump level lowers enough to shutoff. If the check valve is missing or faulty, the water in the pipe runs back into the sump and can fill the sump to a level where the pump turns on. This cycle can continue until the pump motor burns out.

Just suggesting you check the check.

Take Care,


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