Toilet advice needed - refill tube broke off

SnailLoverSeptember 7, 2013

My plumber stood me up, so I'm trying to figure this out on my own. It appears that the refill tube has broken off from the overflow tube. If I hold it in place, the toilet flushes okay. But when I release it, the pressure causes it to pop off and squirt water everywhere.

So my question is this: Is this broken piece part of the refill tube or the overflow tube? If it's part of the overflow tube, would I need to replace this entire unit and take the tank off to install it? If yes, I don't want to attempt this myself. If it's just a matter of replacing the refill tube, I think I could handle that. Hope the photo helps. Thanks for any advice.

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As a temporary fix you could remove the white piece from the black hose, clean it and the grey looking piece and glue it back together. You can purchase plumbers Goop at any hardware store. When it drys it wont come apart. Be sure and let it dry good before using.

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Thanks, I like this idea. It's an old toilet that I didn't want to put too much money into fixing, since I want to remodel the bathroom over the winter. This sounds like a simple fix that I can do.

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