Toilet water does not stop running

vickster257September 27, 2010

My Kohler toilet was running and I replaced the valve ball however, the original part supplied has a foam part connected to the chain and this replacement does not have it b/c it is not made by Kohler. I turned the water back on and it is going over the water line inside the tank and does not stop. Is it necessary to use the same type which was supplied by Kohler or what else should I be doing so that it is functional again in order to remedy this problem? This is the first time this has happened. I am a female so thought that I could fix it myself, is that a mistake??? Help if you can give me advice, please.

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I have little doubt this is easily and cheaply fixable, but need more info.

Keep in mind you're talking to total strangers at cyber-distance. Would help if you could supply model#, age, etc.. Kohler makes MANY different kinds of toilets. Hard to tell what you're dealing with.

However, if you're dealing with a flood risk, I would forget everything and get someone in there right away who knows what to do. Water damage can get really expensive really quickly.

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Hard to tell from your description, but does the valve assembly have a ball about the size of a grapefruit at the end of a metal rod? If so, you can bend the rod down a little so that the ball sits lower and the rising water will shut the valve off sooner so that you don't have overflow. If the float is on the end of a plastic arm there should be a way to loosen a nut at the pivot end of the arm and adjust the position of the ball lower (then re-tighten the nut). If you have some other valve mechanism, explain better.

And you don't necessarily need the original Kohler replacement: others should work fine if adjusted properly. In fact, if the problem is with the arm position, you may not have needed to replace anything...just adjusted it.

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aif you have the old qarm with afloat on the end, raise the arm slightly and see if the weater then shuts off.

The fix if this works is to adjust the float height LOWER in the tank so the water shuts off sonner (and the arm exwerts more force on the vlver to close it).

If you have a more modern valve wjere the float is around the fill pipe, they are also adustable.

The metal wire that connects the float to the valve arm at the top has a clip to allow th efloat to be moved lower.

Occasionally a float also leaks and no longer has enough air to float well.

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