Pebble Tec Alternatives???

newport2001January 28, 2010

We are remodeling our pool. Currently have Quartz that is 11 yrs old. Went to see several pools with pebble tec and I wasn't really impressed. It never entered my mind that I wouldn't like it. The finish looked very busy to me. It didn't seem very relaxing or calming. The only colors I could live with were Tropical Breeze or Midnight Blue but they are an additional $2,500. I also saw a Pebble Sheen (don't know the color) that I absolutely loved. Loved the color and the finish wasn't as busy as the Tec because of the smaller pebbles. That was an additional $3,000 unfortunately. I just can't justify the cost simply for a color nor is it in the budget. I'm looking for a deep true blue. Not green or aqua.

Now I don't know what to do. I want to swim by the spring but I'm back to the beginning again. I've read on some pool forums that the Black Granite isn't an upcharge. If so, is this worth looking into or should I find another finish altogether. What else is there? I don't want plaster or the quartz we currently have. Some companies make pebble alternatives. Are these any cheaper. If so, maybe I can get the same look as the Midnight, Tropical or one of the Sheen colors for less.

Need help and fast. Btw, we live in the Atlanta area. Thank you.

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We had the Tropical Breeze pebble tec and love it. Out here (California), it was not an upcharge.
Good luck!

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Have you looked at Hydrazzo ?
It's polished to a smooth texture. We chose the French Gray.


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What is hydrazzo? I'll research it. Thanks. I do like the color. Something like that or darker, no lighter would be perfect.

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Hydrazzo I believe here in the Atlanta Market, is going to be around the same price as the premium Pebble Tec.

There are alternative Pebble finishes but none will hold the 15 year waranty that PT does. You could look at Pebble Fina.

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We went with Marbletite,lifetime warranty, beach series , Antigua. This is their website

Hope this helps. You can also look at this link

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We went pebble tec. five years from now, you won't remember the cost difference but you will still be enjoying your pool. This is a huge addition with great memories for you and your family. I figured pebble will last longer so I am paying more up front but saving over the long haul. If you can afford it, do it. I entertained wet-edge for a while (very good quality comparable to pebble tec) but the cost was the same because their installers had to travel from two states away so I went with what my pool builder and most people on this forum regard as the industries best.

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We went with a Pebble Tec alternative called River Rok. Our color is called Baha Sand, which is a 60/40 mix of blue to black, so it's fairly dark, no green.

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I would suggest looking at the Blue Ridge Granite series by Pyramid Cement. They have the most beatiful dark blue plasters I have seen. Look at
Pebble Tec brand would not be my first choice in dark blues, because they use organic blue color that fades when exposed to chlorine.

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I researched pools for well over a year before we built our pool this past summer. Other than the texture of one vs. the other, and the cost, I have never heard any complaints about pebble tec or sheen. Judging from your name, I'm assuming you are in the pool finish industry. I'm also assuming you are not a Pebble Tec installer. Just wondering if the two are connected, b/c I noticed that you have posted a similar claim in a couple of other recent threads. Do you have a bone to pic with Pebble Tec? Just wondering. I'd also love to see some pics of what you are referring to...

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there is only one post I have ever seen with someone remotely complaining about pebbletec that owns it and they say it too rough but admit to playing volleyball all day on it. Everyone else loves the stuff and would not go back. I too sense poolplasterexpert has some bias. My pool builder says there is no comparison in quality. He just took another family to look at pyramid cement finish and after the third pool told them they saw enough and want pebble. the finishes are okay on pyramid cement but pebble is the Lexus of all finishes

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The organics I think poolplasterexpert was referring to are actually the shell bits that are in some of the colors. These may fade over time and the PT company acknowledges this. I don't think it's in the cement that is used to bind their mix.


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I am getting the shell bits added to my mix. do you advise against this?

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We have the abalone shells as well, and do not expect them to last for all that many years. Like Scott said, they even tell you that up front. But I have NEVER heard of the color of an entire pool fading.

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I am not going to take sides here but, this is a picture that I took while trying to restore a faded pool...

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And PT wasn't called about this why?

If they were, what was their response?

Pardon me for sounding like a skeptic but given that PT has been around as long as it has, one might think we would have heard about this on a more frequent basis.


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I just had this put in

Here is a link that might be useful: Pearl Matrix

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Doesn't even look like any Pebble Tec surface I've ever seen...sounds like a scam to me. IMHO

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That exact picture and text used to be on Pyramid Cements website, poolplasterexperts favorite site to post on here! hmmmmmmmm

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That's what I've been saying all along. Personally I think the "expert" is scamming. Maybe Pebble Tec wouldn't have him as an applicator? He got very defensive with me on another thread when I suggested he had an agenda.

Here is a link that might be useful: I will answer pool plaster questions

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River rok is good alternative, stones are somewhat smaller and smoother than pebble tec. Can also custom the colors to your liking.

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