How to Repair a Hole in PEX waterline - dart missed dartboard !!

angela12345September 25, 2012

We had someone REALLY miss the dartboard. They threw the dart rather hard and it went thru the insulation wrapping the water line and right into the blue PEX tubing going to an outside spigot. Thank goodness we have a whole house water manifold, so we were able to cut off the water to our outside spigots. I am pretty sure it is 1/2" tubing. Please help on how to repair this as *inexpensively* as possible ?

We are somewhat handy once we have the correct items to make the repair. But not good at all on knowing the correct terminology and knowing what the item is or looks like even if someone tells us the correct terminology, LOL. If at all possible, could you please also include links to the correct repair items we need to purchase on the website (or Home Depot).

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You need a PEX-to-PEX union (about $10.00 for 1/2")
Cut the water line where the hole is and install the union.
No Lowes or HD link, but this should give you an indea what to look for:

Here is a link that might be useful: PEX-to-PEX union

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The pex crimping tool will cost you more than the fitting if you choose to buy one, but they're handy to have.

I had to laugh at how it happened. I love darts and wanted to put a board in my basement, but I could never convince myself there'd be enough protective stuff to stop stuff like that happening.

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The fitting for crimp is only about a dollar. The union fitting cited by randy427 does not crimp. I've used a couple of the new fittings where you just push the pipe in, copper or PEX. They are really neat.

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This is one of those situations where a "Sharkbite" press on union will work fine. Carefully cut the pex right through the hole, then press the sharkbite on and your finished....

It could be worse,,,I once went on an HVAC call and found the guy was getting ready for deer season so he stacked 3 hay bales in the back yard and put a target up to practice.

He was using a compound bow & magnesium arrows. From about 200' away his first shot went right through the bullseye of the target, through the haybale, another 40 feet and through the outer housing of his AC condensing unit, through the control section, through the outer housing of the compressor and came to rest in the motor windings. Needless to say, it instantly shorted out the electrical to the unit so bad that it actually blew the breaker out of his primary electrical service entrance panel, and to add insult to injury, the magnesium arrow caught on fire.

Not only did he have to replace the condensing unit, but he also had to replace the electrical SE panel, but that was not worst of it....

He had one of those loud nagging wives who spent the whole time I was working on the AC stomping around the yard cussing at him and saying stuff like,,,"You know that money you saved for your hunting trip, well there it is right there" or "When you get the urge to go hunting, you can come out here and look at that new AC unit, thats your hunting trip for about the next 5 years" or "you might as well hang your damn deer tag on that junk,,,cause that is your limit for this season" and on and on and on she went...I actually felt sorry for the guy.....LOL

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Thanks for sharing, lazy pup. That is just too funny to be sad.

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We love to play darts and at times there are 6 to 8 people at our house to play darts. Especially during the winter months. What i did was take a 4x4' piece of 3/8s plywood, painted it and framed it like a picture frame. Mounted it to the basement wall, and centered the dart board on it. So far no one has missed the plywood.

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They may not miss the plywood (maybe after a few beverages) but have you ever seen where the dart hits the wire overlay on the board? It can send darts in odd directions.

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@lazypup, now that's a funny story

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Thanks for the help ! We got it fixed. And moved the dartboard.

Sorry I neglected to come back to this post for so long. Your help was greatly appreciated. I LOL'd at the bow & arrow story the first time, and LOL'd again today. Poor guy ! I am sure that was an expensive repair though. Can't really blame the wife for being mad about it. haha

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