my cat is on a diet

gibby2015November 7, 2011

Here he is for his first weigh in. I thought this was hysterical as I ususally weigh him with me and then subtract me.

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Mine wouldn't sit still long enough to take a picture. LOL Our vet is starting a biggest looser contest for dogs and cats. Dogs start Nov.15, cats Dec.1. I signed our well rounded Cleo up. We shall see... She has been a fat cat forever. The other three are not and I don't know how little I can feed her. No kibble, raw and canned only.

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Is this Tucker? He is beautiful - nice to see him doing so well. Perhaps some regular cardio will help - maybe one of those cat treadmills.

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Yes - this is B.T. - Big Tucker. It's a long story but my other, old, frail cat was losing weight and I felt like I had to leave food out for him to get enough to eat especially when I was away on business travel. So then svelte Tucker got to be big Tucker. Boris the old cat is now doing better and eating well plus I'm not traveling as much so now Big Tucker and Big Mimi are on a diet. Hopefully I can get through this successfully. I was reading the other fat cat thread with interest.

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He is stunning--at any weight!!!

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My Burmese cat is a grazer and nibbles all day and all night. I think she stays trim by burning more calories going back and forth to the kitchen than she eats when she gets there. Of course she wants fresh food, so I am serving fresh canned food several times a day. Wish I had a chef that would spoil me like that.

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He's even happy sitting there ... his tail is swishing!

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