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pmkgero1November 1, 2010

Just need an opinion and please no bashing my husband. I've been doing home rescue for a small local dog rescue for the past 4 years. Mostly strays and neglected animals. However, I am the only one that normally does cats and kittens. I go to events, help haul stuff with my husbands truck, spent numerous hours at fund raisers, home visits, helped give advise and it goes on and on. I was convinced to take in a 9 month old beagle that a new foster home could not deal with after a month. I was able to get her potty trained, learn some basic commands, walk nicely on a leash, crate trained, etc in 4 months. The perfect adopters took her for a 7 day trial and things went great, they wanted her really bad and just loved her. Then after only 9 days, they call wanting to give her back becuase the wife finds out she's pregnant. They are worried about the baby getting hurt. Mind you they have a 5 year old beagle also. I can not take her back, we normally do. I have foster cats I am taking care of, my own 2 cats, one dog of mine, work full time, going to school, helping a family member get on her feet (living with us), etc. I was told she would be at my house on temp basis and now realize there was no temp. The president convinced them to foster her for the time being, I just can not keep her again, my husband says there are enough animals dripping off of the walls here, it is just to much right now. What is it lately, you do all you can and then you get nagged at becuase you can not do more. The president of the rescue is upset with me, and I truly feel for the dog but I had to say no. Your opinions please.

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No one can take advantage of you unless YOU allow it. Only you know your situation, so hold your ground. As far as your husband, it's his house too. He should have a say in just how much he's willing to put up with and his wishes should be considered.

The rescue is probably upset because it seems that all animal rescues are overrun with animals with no homes. The president sees time put into training this dog and now it still has no where to stay. Unfortunately too many animals with too few homes has always been a problem, but is being exacerbated by the economy.

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You can only do what you can do... if you feel you can't handle more animals then it wouln't be right to take in anymore. The rescue should know that their fosters have limits and plan on that when they rescue. Its tough to make those kinds of decisions but unfortunately the cold hard fact is that you can't save them all.

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If the other volunteer is upset, she can foster the dog.
You're doing enough already.

Honestly the folks who adopted her don't sound like much of a prize if they didn't even consider they might get pregnant 9 days before it happened. Sounds like an excuse they thought was acceptable. Hope the pup finds a real home soon!

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Don't feel guilty. Your DH standing his ground is making it easier for you to say 'no' to the head of the rescue. I know......been there!

The dog is being fostered and that's the most important thing right now. The rescue pres. has no reason to be upset at you and should be focusing on finding a permanent home for the dog.
She should be more worried about losing you as a volunteer!

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If a dog/cat has been returned multiple times, it is time for it to be put down. You simply can't save them all and the time spent to care for lost causes takes away attention from the ones that can be saved.

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Sounds like you are doing plenty to help others. Just be thankful you have your husband to blame it on. :) Sounds like he's looking out for you.

Maybe the 'foster' will end up keeping her.

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